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Plan B by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller will be re-released in mass market, with a spanking! new! cover! and an author’s afterword to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

The afterword is still being written, but here’s the cover.  Art by Sam Kennedy.

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SPOILER SPACE: Ribbon Dance eARC discussion

As has been the custom many years standing, herewith is a place where you — and you, and yes, you, too — may enjoy Unfettered Discussion of Ribbon Dance while simultaneously not spoiling the story for those readers who have chosen to wait for the publication of the ebook, hardcover, or audiobook.

NOTE:  If you are a reader who has chosen to wait for the publication of the ebook, hardcover, or audiobook edition, and you do not want the story spoiled for you —


. . . and for the Love of Ghu, whatever you do — Do Not Read the Comments!


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What it says.  Here’s your link.

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Blast from the Past: Two Takes on Conflict of Honors

Conflict of Honors, Steve Miller and Sharon Lee, Del Rey Books, June 1988.  Reviewed in July 1988 by Locus and Romantic Times.


Conflict of Honors, by Steve Miller and Sharon Lee, is an unabashedly entertaining tale of romance and adventure among the spacefaring merchants of the far future.  The heroine, Priscilla Delacroix y Mendoza, an outcast on her own world, works her way from planet to planet, hoping someday to earn her pilot’s certificate.  Inexplicably stranded on a remote planet, she is rescued by Liadens who recognize and nurture Priscilla’s special talents.  Enemies of both Priscilla and Captain yos’Galan provide plenty of action and bring the two ever closer together.

The writing is often choppy and the plotting a little loose...

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Celebrating Steve Miller

Here’s a place to share your memories of Steve Miller.

Below is one of my favorite photos of Steve, with his playfulness front and center.

Picture of a man in a green denim shirt, with rainbow suspenders, camera around his neck wearing a hat, and leaning on a large route sign that says "15 END"

Steve Miller at the end of Maine State Route 15, in Stonington, Maine, October 10, 2021. Photo by Sharon Lee


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Steven Richard Miller 1950-2024

This is Sharon Lee.

Steve died very suddenly yesterday.  We had known his health was failing, and he told me a couple months ago that he’d written an obit.  I found it on his computer last night.  It follows in its entirety.

Steven Richard Miller July 31, 1950 – February 20, 2024

Steven Richard Miller was born in Baltimore MD July 31 1950, son of Donald George Miller and Helen Lorraine Miller (Myers). He attended and graduated from Franklin Senior High School, Class of 1968, where he was on the chess team and also the editor of the literary magazine...

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Post your favorite Liaden Universe® pull-quotes here

Instructions from Facebook repeated below:

PLEASE READ ALL OF THE BELOW. Yes, it’s long, but it’s not as long as a novel,
and all of us here like to read novels.

So! Baen has given its authors a homework assignment, which is to poll their
readers — that’s you — for pull-quotes. These will be used for PR purposes.

Back in the day, we had a deck of quote cards that we used to give out at
conventions, stuff like “If it lifts, we can fly it” or “Other people give
their wives flowers.”

Pull-quotes are short and snappy. Pretty often, they’re dialogue or internal
dialogue, because they lend themselves to short and snappy.

The problem we have, particularly, is that we’re lacking quotes from the newer
books. So, that’s your assignment.


“There are entirely too many p...

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Salvage Right now available from Audible

For those who have been waiting (and waiting and waiting) for the audio edition of Salvage Right (by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller — I’m told we don’t say this enough) — your patience has been rewarded.

Salvage Right, the audiobook is now on sale.

Here’s your link.

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Ribbon Dance Framed

The cover art for Ribbon Dance, by David Mattingly, (novel by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller) has returned home from the Framemakers, in downtown Waterville, and it’s looking fine.  Thank you, David, Roscoe, Ames, Brian and everyone else who made this possible!

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The Liaden Universe® Award and Gift-Giving Post

So, it’s the time of year when people ask writers what they saw published in the current year.

There are a couple of reasons for this.  One is that books make great gifts! and we’re coming up on a gifting time of year.

The other is that some folks read for and nominate in the various awards that are floating about.  The end of the year is coming up right briskly, and they want to make sure that they’ve read as widely as possible.

That said, follows the list of What Lee-and-Miller published in 2023:

“Gadreel’s Folly,” novelette, Chicks in Tank Tops, edited by Jason Cordova, published by Baen Books, January 2023

Salvage Right, novel, published by Baen Books, July 2023

“Interventions,” short story, Solar Flare: Solarpunk Stories, edited by Patricia Bray and Joshua Palmatier, published by Zo...

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