Trader’s Leap audiobook now available!

Now hear this! TRADER’S LEAP is now available from Audible. We know that there are a lot of people waiting for this edition; your patience is finally rewarded.

Here’s your link.

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TOC Reveal!

Table of Contents for Derelict, coming in June from Zombies Need Brains

“Symbiote” by Kristine Smith
“The Wreck of the Sarah Mohr” by D.B. Jackson
“The Tempest in Space” by Griffin Ayaz Tyree
“Playing Possum” by Andrija Popovic
“Standing Orders” by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
“Time, Yet” by Gerald Brandt
“Flight Plans Through the Dust of Dreams” by Kit Harding
“Saving Sallie Ruth” by Gini Koch writing as Anita Ensal
“Methuselah” by Jacey Bedford
“Celestial Object 143205” by Mark D. Jacobsen
“Mercy for the Lost” by Jana Paniccia
“When the Star Fell and the Levee Broke” by Alex Bledsoe
“Derelict of Duty” by Chaz Brenchley
“Two Ruins Make a Beginning” by R.Z. Held
“Orpheus” by Jack Campbell
“Decay in Five Stages” by Julie E...

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Hugo nominations close March 19

I am reminded that the Hugo nomination period ends on March 19, 2021, and asked for a reminder of what Lee and Miller did in 2020 that is eligible for nomination.
Here is the list of those works, *including* the fact that the Entire Liaden Universe(R) is eligible for the Series Hugo.
Your link:
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News: Change State and Trader’s Leap audiobook

Change State:  Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 32, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, including reprint short story “Command Decision,” and brand-new novella “Dead Men Dream” is now available for download from all the usual vendors.

Here’s a link to Change State on Baen

Here’s the link to the Amazon page, including both ebook and paper editions.

Here’s a so-called “Universal Link.

Once you have read Change State, Steve and I would take it kindly if you would review it in the venue(s) of your choice.  Thank you.

In audiobook news, Steve and I have an appointment with Trade Secret’s narrator, Eileen Stevens, this Sunday evening.  So, yes, there will be an audiobook, and forward motion is, er, motioning.

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Change State available for pre-order at Amazon

CHANGE STATE: ADVENTURES IN THE LIADEN UNIVERSE® NUMBER 32, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller includes two stories, reprint Command Decision and brand-new Dead Men Dream. This chapbook is published by Pinbeam Books, aka the Lee-and-Miller indie publishing arm.
Release date is March 15.
The files have been sent and should be available for preorder from all the Usual Suspects.  Amazon already has a page up.  Here’s that link.
Yes, you will be able to purchase this book from, on the release date — March 15.
Yes, there will be a paper edition. I’ll try to hit as close to March 15 as I can, but that’s on the knees of Amazon.
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UPDATE: Audio edition of Trader’s Leap

Word Just In that the audiobook edition of Trader’s Leap, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, will be published on-or-near April 11.
Pass it on — and thank you for your patience.
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Cover Reveal: Change State: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 32

All righty, then!

As previously reported, work is going forth on Change State:  Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 32.  As of Right Now, the compiled book is out to volunteer proofreaders.  We hope to have the book up for preorder by the end of next week, with a release date of March 15.

In the meantime, we have a cover!

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Lee and Miller Boskone Schedule

Yes, yes, Steve and I will be panelists at Boskone 58, February 12-14 at a computer near you! The convention schedule will be published on the site on January 16, so make a note to check in for the Compleat Schedule and List of Attendees — and to register so you can join the fun!

For those interested, the Lee-and-Miller Combined Schedule is below.

Friday, February 12, 5 pm – 6 pm PANEL:  The Learned Astronomer: Cultural Roles of Stargazing
Melanie Meadors, E. C. Ambrose (M), Steve Miller, Guy Consolmagno
For millennia, people have gazed at the sky and used what they see there to tell stories, guide choices, and plan for the future — both planning for agricultural activities and divining the future...

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OffWorld Designs Closing

I have in this morning’s mail a letter from Barb VanTilburg of OffWorld Designs.
Short form: Barb and Ray have looked about them and — they’ve decided to retire. This means that OffWorld Designs is closing (unless someone buys it. If you want to buy the business, contact Barb or Ray).
As all of us know who have made the decision to close a business that deals in real goods, the next step is to empty the warehouse.
Starting at noon Central time today, EVERYTHING in the Offworld Design Warehouse will be 50% off. That’s convention goods, Liaden stuff, bags of holding and bags of book, t-shirts — Da Works.
Do pass this news on.
Here’s the link to the Offworld Designs webpage: 
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Award Eligibility Post

This is the Annual Exercise in Futility.  You may avert your eyes if you don’t care for the topic; this is for those who are interested — you know who you are.

Lee and Miller saw a few things published in 2020 that are eligible for various awards.

Trader’s Leap, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, Baen, December 2020.  The 23rd novel in the Liaden Universe® series.

Preferred Seating,” Sharon Lee and Steve Miller,, November 2020.  Short story.

Ambient Conditions,” by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, Pinbeam Books (aka self-published by the authors), October 2020.  Novelette.

The Gate that Locks the Tree:  A Minor Melant’i Play for Snow Season,” by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, February 2020.  Novella.

The entire Liaden Universe®, now at 23 published novels and counting, plus doze...

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