Boosting the Signal: Baen Books eligible for the Dragon Awards

The below is from Baen Books, reproduced in its entirety.

For those who read here for news of Things Liaden — yes, both Salvage Right and Ribbon Dance, the novels, are eligible this year, as well as the cover art for both books.

Honestly, I can’t choose between the cover art for Salvage Right and Ribbon Dance, so good luck with that.


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For those interested in the Dragon Award Rules, go here

Without further comment — here’s Baen:

Dear readers,

The following is a comprehensive list of our eligible titles for the 2024 Dragon Awards. They are listed in publication order, except for the cover artists. They are listed alphabetically by artist with the books they illustrated.

Science Fiction
“Salvage Right” by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
“Endangered Species” by Charles E. Gannon
“House of Rough Diamonds” by Jane Lindskold
“The Silent Hand” by Michael Mersault
“Through the Storm” by John Ringo & Lydia Sherrer
“The Dyson File” by Jacob Holo
“The Icarus Twin” by Timothy Zahn
“Light of the Veil” by Richard Fox
“Protected Species” by Charles E. Gannon
“Threading the Needle” by Monalisa Foster
“Among the Gray Lords” by D. J. Butler
“Beggar’s Sky” by Wil McCarthy
“Beyond Enemies” by Marisa Wolf
“The Icarus Job” by Timothy Zahn
“Interstellar Medic: The Long Run” by Patrick Chiles
“Toll of Honor” by David Weber
“Disquiet Gods” by Christopher Ruocchio
“Admiral and Commander” by Charles E. Gannon & Chris Kennedy
“Beyond the Ranges” by John Ringo with James Aidee
“The Thermopylae Protocol” by David Weber & Jacob Holo
“Ribbon Dance” by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

“Lord of a Shattered Land” by Howard Andrew Jones
“The City of Marble and Blood” by Howard Andrew Jones
“Monster Hunter Memoirs: Fever” by Larry Correia & Jason Cordova
“My Brother’s Keeper” by Tim Powers
“The Eccentrics” by Tim Akers

Alternate History
“1638: The Sovereign States” by Eric Flint, Gorg Huff, & Paula Goodlett
“Dirty Water” by Tom Kratman
“An Angel Called Peterbilt” by Eric Flint, Gorg Huff, & Paula Goodlett

“Hyde & Seek” by Simon R. Green

Best Illustrative Book Cover
Bob Eggleton, Beyond the Ranges

Marianne Plumridge Eggleton, Interstellar Medic: The Long Run

Dominic Harman, Light of the Veil
Dominic Harman, Threading the Needle
Dominic Harman, Down These Mean Streets

Sam R. Kennedy, The Silent Hand
Sam R. Kennedy, Beyond Enemies

Tom Kidd, 1638: The Sovereign States
Tom Kidd, House of Rough Diamonds
Tom Kidd, An Angel Called Peterbilt

Todd Lockwood, Hyde & Seek
Todd Lockwood, The Eccentrics

David Mattingly, Salvage Right
David Mattingly, Toll of Honor
David Mattingly, Ribbon Dance

Kurt Miller, Endangered Species
Kurt Miller, Very Important Corpses
Kurt Miller, Through the Storm
Kurt Miller, The Dyson File
Kurt Miller, Protected Species
Kurt Miller, Weird World War: China
Kurt Miller, United We Stand
Kurt Miller, Admiral and Commander
Kurt Miller, The Thermopylae Protocol
Kurt Miller, Tales from the United States Space Force

Alan Pollack, They’re Here!
Alan Pollack, Monster Hunter Memoirs: Fever

Dave Seeley, Lord of a Shattered Land
Dave Seeley, The City of Marble and Blood
Dave Seeley, The Icarus Twin
Dave Seeley, Beggar’s Sky
Dave Seeley, The Icarus Job

Eric Williams, My Brother’s Keeper

Kieran Yanner, Between Princesses and Other Jobs
Kieran Yanner, Dirty Water
Kieran Yanner, Among the Gray Lords
Kieran Yanner, Disquiet Gods See less

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