Lee and Miller Fan Fiction Policy

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller do not condone, invite, or permit the use of any of our characters or universes by others without explicit license.  Fan fiction is explicitly not permitted.

Thank you.


7 thoughts on “Lee and Miller Fan Fiction Policy

  1. Lady Moonhawk is in two stories, Constellation v. 1 and Constellatioin v. 3. She is also in a third story without Master Lute as a stand alone character. In that story she leaves the Circle under duress having be declared dead by the Circle. Now, I cannot find the story. Which one is it?

  2. Good Day Sharon and Steve,
    Somewhere, and darned if I can find it again, is a short story you published about Natessa ” the judge” as a child.. Would you kindly re-point me in the direction to find it?
    Thank you,

    • Hope you’re still not pining for this … but yes, that would be Veil of the Dancer, originally published in Absolute Magnitude (with our only George Barr cover to date, IIRC) then reprinted in Liaden Universe Companion Volume 2 … it is in one of the Baen compliations as well.

  3. Thank you so much for the Liaden Characters. I haven’t had a group of fictional characters stick in my mind since Alan Dean Foster’s “Pip and Flinx”

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