Deadlines for the next three Liaden books

Madame the Agent and Madame the Publisher have been very busy on our behalf.  We can now provide TURN-IN dates for the next three Liaden books (for those who collect such things, this is the so-called Triple Threat Contract).

SALVAGE RIGHT due to Baen June 2022

TRADE LANES due to Baen, September 2022

BOOK THREE (return to the Redlands) due to Baen, June 2023

Again — these are deadlines, not publication dates.

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Podcast up!

Griffin Barber talks to Sharon Lee and Steve Miller about Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume Five.
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Steve Miller’s Boskone Schedule

Boskone 59 starts today!

Steve Miller will be participating as a virtual panelist.  Here’s his schedule:

All times are Eastern Standard.

VIRTUAL: Unhappy Endings Format: Panel
18 Feb 2022, Friday 8pm – 8:50pm, Marina IV (Westin)
Jane Yolen, Steve Miller, Julie Czerneda, Paul Di Filippo (M), Ada Palmer

Tragic plays from Shakespeare, Sophocles, Aeschylus, and Euripides are still with us … hundreds, even thousands of years later. Not all stories let the protagonist triumph — sometimes they lose; sometimes they even die losing. Some science fiction and fantasy writers’ unhappily ending stories are quite popular. Why do they succeed? Why do other such stories fail — even fail so hard their authors never try to write unhappily ever after?

VIRTUAL: My Favorite Character
18 Feb 2022, Fr...

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Addendum to InfoDump 129

This is in answer to the numerous pleas across several venues for more information on SALVAGE RIGHT, its setting and cast.
SALVAGE RIGHT is set on Tinsori Light. The cast of characters includes, but is not limited to!
Jen Sin yos’Phelium
Seignur Veeoni
Tocohl Lorlin
Tolly Jones
Hazenthull nor’Phelium
Theo Waitley
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Liaden Universe® InfoDump No. 129, the Long Edition

Liaden Universe® InfoDump No. 129
News from Sharon Lee and Steve Miller’s Liaden Universe® and Beyond!

It’s been a while since the last InfoDump. We hope everyone is safe, well, and happy.

In This Issue:
Fair Trade News
Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume 5
The Series Hugo and the Liaden Universe®
Who’s Writing What for When?
Steve’s Boskone 59 Schedule
Watch the skies and then watch us!
Where in the World are Lee and Miller?
The Small Print

FAIR TRADE is the 24th novel set in the Liaden Universe® created and written by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. It is, in addition, the third book in the so-called “Jethri arc.” Previous volumes were: BALANCE OF TRADE and TRADE SECRET.

For those who indulge the eARC is available from Baen Books ONLY. Here’s the link.

For those who ...

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Correction to Series Hugo and the Liaden Universe®

CORRECTION to this post.

Members of DisCon III, the previous WorldCon, may also nominate.  They may not vote unless they are members of ChiCon8.

I have amended the original post.

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The Series Hugo and the Liaden Universe®

Because there have been Questions, mostly around the fact that there was no Liaden Universe® novel published in 2021 (ref “fuck cancer”), and therefore how can the series possibly be eligible for the Series Hugo?

We checked with Appropriate Authority, so’s to be sure we weren’t Telling you Wrong, and here’s how it works:

First, you must have been a member of ChiCon8, the 80th World Science Fiction Convention, on or before January 31, 2022 in order to nominate works for the Hugo Ballot.   OR You must have been a member of DisCon III, the 79th WorldCon.

Second, if you meet the above stipulation, you have until March 15 to nominate.  Only members of ChiCon8 may vote on the final ballot.

Third, Specific to the Series Hugo:  The Liaden Universe® is already established as eligible for this a...

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SPOILER DISCUSSION! Fair Trade by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

If you have read the eARC of Fair Trade, the 24th novel set in the Liaden Universe® created by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, and you Want to Talk About It, please do so by commenting below this entry.  Please be aware that comments are moderated, so there will be a time-lag — how long depends on when you post and what else the moderator is doing — between the time you post and the time your comment appears.

Not everyone buys eARCS, and the book isn’t due out until May.  We don’t want to spoil the pleasure of anyone who is waiting for the Official Release.

If you are waiting for the Office Release of Fair Trade and do not want the story spoiled, please, please for the Love of Ghu, do not read the comments.  Management is not responsible if you spoil the story by reading the comments.


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FAIR TRADE eARC now available for download!

All righty, then!
The eARC of Fair Trade can now be purchased at this link.
IF you purchase the eARC and would like to participate in the Tyop Hunt (NOTE: You are never required to buy the eARC of our work, nor are you required to participate in a Tyop Hunt. Both of these actions are voluntary) — please send errors to me at rolanniATgmailDOTcom BEFORE February 2. Error reports should have include a search string that I can follow (NO page numbers will not do; we’re working from a paper PDF) AND ALSO the name you wish to be thanked under in the final edition of the book.
You do not to write to me beforehand to tell me that you are a joining the hunt.
Now, I’m going to go hunt some tyops, myself.
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FAIR TRADE signed preorders now open

For those interested in signed editions, the link to preorder signed (but NOT personalized) copies of Fair Trade is now live at Uncle Hugo’s. Here’s the link.
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