The Liaden Universe® Award and Gift-Giving Post

So, it’s the time of year when people ask writers what they saw published in the current year.

There are a couple of reasons for this.  One is that books make great gifts! and we’re coming up on a gifting time of year.

The other is that some folks read for and nominate in the various awards that are floating about.  The end of the year is coming up right briskly, and they want to make sure that they’ve read as widely as possible.

That said, follows the list of What Lee-and-Miller published in 2023:

“Gadreel’s Folly,” novelette, Chicks in Tank Tops, edited by Jason Cordova, published by Baen Books, January 2023

Salvage Right, novel, published by Baen Books, July 2023

“Interventions,” short story, Solar Flare: Solarpunk Stories, edited by Patricia Bray and Joshua Palmatier, published by Zo...

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Sneak Peek! Ribbon Dance cover art!

Here’s the cover art for Ribbon Dance, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, their 26th novel set in the Liaden Universe® of their own creating.  Art by David Mattingly.

Ribbon Dance will be published on June 4, 2024.




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Liaden Universe® InfoDump #133

Liaden Universe® InfoDump #133

Salvage Right audiobook update
Salvage Right mass market
Ribbon Dance publication date set
Big List of Lee and Miller Interviews
Splinter Universe news
Sale! Liaden Universe® cover art
Where on Earth are Lee and Miller?

Eileen Stevens will be narrating the audiobook edition of the 25th Liaden Universe® novel, Salvage Right. Steve and Sharon spoke with Eileen at length on Sunday; she expects to begin recording at the end of the week of November 6. No word yet on the publication date at Audible, but that day is much nearer, now.

The mass market paperback edition of SALVAGE RIGHT will be published on April 30, 2024, and will be available at your favorite bookstore.


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New Interview Link and Housekeeping

For those who missed it in August, you may read the interview Steve and I did with Ray Routhier at the Portland Press Herald here

The Big List of Lee and Miller Interviews may be found here

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Lee and Miller’s Astronomicon Schedules

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller will be at Astronomicon in Rochester NY this Friday and Saturday!

Here’s Sharon’s Schedule

Here’s Steve’s Schedule

Here’s the Whole Con Schedule

We hope to see you — yes, you! — there!


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Lee and Miller interviews!

A couple weeks ago, Ray Routhier from the Portland Press Herald dropped by and talked to us for a bit, admired the artwork and the cats.  His article dropped today, and a very nice one, too.  Here’s the link.

Also!  If you missed the live stream of Lee and Miller’s conversation with John A. Douglas at Author’s Outpost on Friday, that was recorded, and you may view it at your leisure, here.


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Live Stream tonight 8:30 pm Eastern

This evening, Steve and I will be chatting live! on the internet! with John A. Douglas at Author’s Outpost.
Below is the link to the stream, which will begin at 8:30 pm Eastern.
Stop by if you have a chance — and bring a friend, too, why not?
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And that’s a wrap

Submission sent!
A Novel of the Liaden Universe®
Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
August 5, 2023
Approximately 133,000 words
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Today is the official release day of the hardcover and ebook editions of Salvage Right, the newest Liaden Universe® novel, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.

Below, for your reading pleasure, is a letter we wrote to accompany the eARC sent by Baen to industry professionals, which kind of puts Salvage Right into perspective, in our career, and explains why we’re quite so excited about this release.


Dear Readers,

We hope that 2023 has so far treated you well, and that as it continues to unroll, you will have many opportunities to share happiness, and to celebrate.

We’re writing because we have something to celebrate.

In July, Salvage Right, our one hundredth collaboration, also the twenty-fifth novel set in our original Liaden Universe® will be published...

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Baen Free Radio Hour Interviews Lee & Miller

We had a good time chatting with Griffin Barber.

Here’s how it went down.

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