SPOILER SPACE: Ribbon Dance eARC discussion

As has been the custom many years standing, herewith is a place where you — and you, and yes, you, too — may enjoy Unfettered Discussion of Ribbon Dance while simultaneously not spoiling the story for those readers who have chosen to wait for the publication of the ebook, hardcover, or audiobook.

NOTE:  If you are a reader who has chosen to wait for the publication of the ebook, hardcover, or audiobook edition, and you do not want the story spoiled for you —


. . . and for the Love of Ghu, whatever you do — Do Not Read the Comments!


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28 comments to SPOILER SPACE: Ribbon Dance eARC discussion

  • Terry L  says:

    Thank You !!!!

    Beyond Good

    Just finished .

    I will have spoilers to share after my second read.

  • Elizabeth KW  says:

    I started it – then realized that I really wanted to recall more back story, so I’m rereading Traders Leap. Be back later!

  • Bookgeek  says:

    I very much enjoyed Ribbon Dance and the timing was most welcome. Steve Miller’s sudden death has left me feeling bereft and the opportunity to reconnect with the Liaden universe was reassuring. I believe Sharon was lead on this novel but Steve’s influence was included so it allowed an echo of him. The dedication references him I believe.

    As to the novel itself, several of the characters demonstrated significant improvements in their personal growth. While still focused on her role as a trader, Padi seems to have not just accepted her other gifts but is actively interested in developing as a whole person. Mar Tyn also shows greater confidence in his value and is gaining a whole new set of skills that will allow him more opportunity. I am thrilled at the possibility of reconnecting with one of my favorite characters from earlier books in the series, the elder dea’Gauss. I see many happy re-reads in my future.

    • Marti Mullen  says:

      Thank you for your comments about this. I have been a pretty quiet Liaden fan but await new book releases with bated breath. I read this one too quickly and will need to do a re-read before commenting much more. I did really enjoy Lady Sylph coming down to the planet to take charge of things. But, because I’m not spending much time in fandom, I missed the news of Steve’s death and was just totally devastated by the news when I reached the afterword.

      Sharon if you read this, I want you to know that your Liaden books with Steve have been one of my main supports over these decades. These are the books I return to again and again when I feel down and desperate for a good story. I think of everyone you have created though, it is possible that I love Theo more than anyone. Thank you and I hope your memories of Steve stay bright and shining in your mind and heart. ❤️

  • Sue  says:

    Thank you, I very much enjoyed Ribbon Dance! I’m glad Tekelia and Padi have continued to grow their relationship. In all a very substantial and enjoyable addition to the Liaden Universe.

  • Terry L  says:

    Will Shan suggest that Anthora and RenZel come to Redlands for rehab, reintegration and re-energization ?

  • Terry L  says:

    Sorting Padi

    My speculation is that her overly bright talent is related to her Dragon form.

    • sally erickson  says:

      the story of how Ith yos’Phelium was lost and founded Isfelm is in the short story “Preferred Seating” You will find it in Vol 5 of the Consellations series.

      • Terry L  says:

        A very different Jen Sin presented in this storyThanks for pointing these stories out.

    • Marti Mullen  says:


  • Terry L  says:

    Isfelm, factoid.
    In two books we have not heard Trader Isfelms name.
    Unless of course it is Trader.
    or is her brother mentioned by title or duty. except in they both sat board drills Can Ith the original family member we are told was a scout.

    Interesting omissions.

    • Sarah Stapleton  says:

      Chudi, when Trader Isfelm is talking to herself.

      • Terry L  says:

        Thank You

  • Terry L  says:

    Off Grid

    Characters I’d like to see in an off-grid setting:
    From Dutiful Passage; Lina, Dyoli. Mar Tyn, Shan, Lady Selph and Priscilla
    Elsewhere: Ren Zel, Anthora, Val Con, Miri and Jen Sin.

    Are the deaf affected by being off-gfid ?

  • Christie Meierz  says:

    So I’m wondering who everyone thinks is depicted on the cover. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to forward my opinion yet, but — well — okay. I asked Sharon if it was Tekelia and the answer was a firm no. The character appears male, more or less. I had first thought it could be Majel, since he appears regularly as a PoV character, but Majel is Deaf and the cover character appears floating in ribbons, so that might be a stretch.

    Could it possibly be Anders? He rather finds himself while visiting the scene of the off-grid vandalized school. He’s a minor character, but his small role is pretty important in identifying the vandal.

    Anyone else have thoughts on this?

    • Sue  says:

      I thought it was Tekelia, myself.

    • Skip  says:

      Christie, I think as you do, and see the character on the cover as a good match for Ander. As I recall, he is described as a young man with short red curls clipped close to his head like a cap. The background seems off — spaceships, and so many of them — rather, I would picture a hilltop with leafy trees and a village

  • Terry L  says:

    Face looks male to me.

  • Ellen Sheerin  says:

    Loved it – spent several enjoyable hours reading for the first time, then went back, re-read Trader’s Leap and then read Ribbon Dance again.

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  • Graham  says:

    Anyone else find the contents of chapter 59 mysteriously absent? Story seems to flow well enough around it, I’m not sure whether this is a just a chapter heading misplaced during editing or if there’s actually a passage missing.

    A great read as always, Shan’s perspective is one of my favorites to follow.

    • Zebulon Dakota  says:

      Which chapter is that? My chapters aren’t numbered. Besides, there’s a chapter heading that doesn’t appear in the Table of Contents nor is it in bold and on a new page like the others. That one is: “Off-Grid Pacazahno”

  • Zebulon Dakota  says:

    The eARC has a lot of formatting issues. One of them is a chapter heading that doesn’t appear in the Table of Contents nor is it in large font bold at the start of a new page as are the rest. That one is “Off-Grid Pacazahno” – is that the one you’re referring to? My chapters aren’t numbered.

    • skip  says:

      A good read. Very enjoyable. Yes, the eARc has formatting issues. Some chapters start in the middle of a previous chapter page. Most confusing of all, the dialogue between characters is frequently not separated by paragraph breaks but smashed into one paragraph

  • Skip  says:

    This story flows well and kept me interested, even with heavy eyes. I liked the characterization of ALL the players, especially the advocate for the Deaf, Councilor Majel ziaGorn, casino owner. Also, I appreciated the irony in that the small talents were cast out of Liad and now for various reasons are casting out one another, and/or forming second class citizens. Sad, but quite probable, given human nature.

    I feel like we missed a scene after Trader Isfelm arrived at the Judiciary Center. It just ended with her at the door. “You’re a fool, Chudi Isfelm, she told herself, as she came up to a door bearing the legend, DEATH DUTY, INHERITANCE, AND POST MORTEM PAYMENTS.”

    Totally jazzed to hopefully see the old dea’Gauss again. How old is he, anyway?

    Yay for the Oracle and for Benny who helped her. She flew the coop!

    Cool old map of Rim’s Edge. Rimedge Loop. Nice interchange with Vanz Carresens Denobli. How will it intersect with Tinsori, one wonders.

    So. Up next. Baby to be born. Civilization will end. Haosa will end. Somehow. The Dea’Gauss!

    • Coal Sparks  says:

      Tantalizing hints of what might be in the sequel, aren’t they?

      Colmeno bushes were mentioned in Mouse and Dragon in the lane to Trealla Fantrol. One wonders if maybe the bushes were originally imported from the planet? Or the planet somehow reminded a Scout of the bushes? Or is it just that certain syllables appeal in a consistent manner? (I might not have noticed except I have undertaken a Rereading, which had me jump from Trader’s Leap back to Scout’s Progress and Mouse and Dragon and then could resist the pull of Ribbon Dance no longer and leapt at the eArc.)

  • Judith Bemis  says:

    My brain kept drawing parallels between Luzant kezelBlythe and Trump.

  • Gareth Griffiths  says:

    Does anyone else think that if you purchase an EARC (which costs more of course) you should be able to download the final book? Thoughts? Obviously really a Baen question but curious how others feel. I’m always willing to shell out extra to get the book early but then don’t buy the final as well. As to the story – loved it – so many new characters and potential story arcs to follow.

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