Partial Liaden Universe® Dictionary


a’nadelm — the present nadelm’s heir
a’thodelm — the present thodelm’s heir
a’trezla — lifemates
aelantaza — (not a Liaden word) a manufactured human trained to be industrial spies, assassins, agents-in-place
al’bresh venat’i — formal phrase of sorrow for another clan’s loss
al’kin chernard’i — The Day Without Delight



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balent’i kalandon — the local stars or galaxy
balent’i tru’vad — the starweb of all creation
binjali — (not a Liaden word) — finest kind, excellent


cha’dramliza — a Healer
cha’dramliz — two or more Healers
cha’leket — kin of the heart
cha’trez — (endearment) heartsong/my heart
chernubia — dessert; a confected delicacy or sweet
chiat’a bei kruzon — dream sweetly
ckrakec — (Yxtrang) roughly, captain — a courtesy address
coab minshak’a — Necessity exists
conselem — an absurdity


delm — the head of a clan
delmae — the spouse of the head of the clan (gender neutral)
denubia — (endearment) darling
dramliz — more than one dramliza
dramliza — a Liaden wizard; a person possessing one or more psychic gifts
dri’at — left


eklykt’i — unreturned; often said of Scouts, with the subtext that they had found, in their wanderings another culture that suited them better than Liaden culture.
eldema — first speaker for the clan; usually the delm
eldema-pernard’i — first-speaker-in-trust
entranzia volecta — good greetings


fa’vya — a spice, sometimes added to wine, or used as a scent; an aphrodiasic
Flaran Cha’menthi — I/We Dare; Korval’s motto


galandaria — compatriot
ge’shada — mazel tov; congratulations
gigneri — (not a Liaden word) — the day on which a Delgadan girl becomes a woman
Glavda Empri — the name of yo’Lanna’s house



i’lanta — right
illanga kilachi — something on the order of, “Oh, no, he couldn’t possibly — could he?”
indra — uncle


Jelaza Kazone — the name of yos’Phelium’s house, Korval’s Clan House; also the name of Korval’s Tree, more or less “Jela’s Fulfillment”



l’ganin brat’a, vyan se’untor — “Play in body, rest in mind”
lazenia spandok — cuss words; ask Miri what they mean
lisamia keshoc — I/we are in your debt


Megalaar — the name of the dragon on Korval’s shield
melant’i — the necessity from which one most rightly acts in a particular situation
menfri’at — “the dance;” Liaden martial arts
mirada — father, perhaps papa
misravot — Altanian wine; blue in color, tastes strongly of cinnamon; an acquired taste


nadelm — the delm’s heir
nidj — (not a Liaden word) insult, roughly numbskull
nubiath’a — the gift given by the party ending an affair of pleasure, usually something symbolic of the relationship, rather than necessarily expensive


onagrata — (not a Liaden word) the male lover and (usually) dependent of a woman on Delgado


palesci modassa — the formal phrase of gratitude
prena’ma — storyteller
prethliu — rumor-broker


qe’andra — one of the accountant-lawyers who oversee the all-important contracts
qua’lechi — an exclamation of horror


relumma — 96 Standard Days equals one relumma; four relumma in one Standard Year



Thawla — mother
Thawlana — grandmother
thodelm — head of a Line
tra’sia volecta — good morning
Trealla Fantrol — the name of yos’Galan’s house



va’netra — a charity case
Valcon Berant’a — Dragon’s Price, possibly Dragon’s Hoard; the name of Korval’s valley
Valcon Melad’aDragon’s Way, the delm’s own ship
van’chela — beloved friend




zaliata — (not a Liaden word) an energy creature, or perhaps an angel
zamir — (not a Liaden word) mister
zerkam’ka — kin-slayer
zhena — (not a Liaden word) missus

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