Partial Liaden Universe® Dictionary


a’nadelm — the present nadelm’s heir
a’thodelm — the present thodelm’s heir
a’trezla — lifemates
aelantaza — (not a Liaden word) a manufactured human trained to be industrial spies, assassins, agents-in-place
al’bresh venat’i — formal phrase of sorrow for another clan’s loss
al’kin chernard’i — The Day Without Delight



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balent’i kalandon — the local stars or galaxy
balent’i tru’vad — the starweb of all creation
binjali — (not a Liaden word) — finest kind, excellent


cha’dramliza — a Healer
cha’dramliz — two or more Healers
cha’leket — kin of the heart
cha’trez — (endearment) heartsong/my heart
chernubia — dessert; a confected delicacy or sweet
chiat’a bei kruzon — dream sweetly
ckrakec — (Yxtrang) roughly, captain — a courtesy address
coab minshak’a — Necessity exists
conselem — an absurdity


delm — the head of a clan
delmae — the spouse of the head of the clan (gender neutral)
denubia — (endearment) darling
dramliz — more than one dramliza
dramliza — a Liaden wizard; a person possessing one or more psychic gifts
dri’at — left


eklykt’i — unreturned; often said of Scouts, with the subtext that they had found, in their wanderings another culture that suited them better than Liaden culture.
eldema — first speaker for the clan; usually the delm
eldema-pernard’i — first-speaker-in-trust
entranzia volecta — good greetings


fa’vya — a spice, sometimes added to wine, or used as a scent; an aphrodiasic
Flaran Cha’menthi — I/We Dare; Korval’s motto


galandaria — compatriot
ge’shada — mazel tov; congratulations
gigneri — (not a Liaden word) — the day on which a Delgadan girl becomes a woman
Glavda Empri — the name of yo’Lanna’s house



i’lanta — right
illanga kilachi — something on the order of, “Oh, no, he couldn’t possibly — could he?”
indra — uncle


Jelaza Kazone — the name of yos’Phelium’s house, Korval’s Clan House; also the name of Korval’s Tree, more or less “Jela’s Fulfillment”



l’ganin brat’a, vyan se’untor — “Play in body, rest in mind”
lazenia spandok — cuss words; ask Miri what they mean
lisamia keshoc — I/we are in your debt


Megalaar — the name of the dragon on Korval’s shield
melant’i — the necessity from which one most rightly acts in a particular situation
menfri’at — “the dance;” Liaden martial arts
mirada — father, perhaps papa
misravot — Altanian wine; blue in color, tastes strongly of cinnamon; an acquired taste


nadelm — the delm’s heir
nidj — (not a Liaden word) insult, roughly numbskull
nubiath’a — the gift given by the party ending an affair of pleasure, usually something symbolic of the relationship, rather than necessarily expensive


onagrata — (not a Liaden word) the male lover and (usually) dependent of a woman on Delgado


palesci modassa — the formal phrase of gratitude
prena’ma — storyteller
prethliu — rumor-broker


qe’andra — one of the accountant-lawyers who oversee the all-important contracts
qua’lechi — an exclamation of horror


relumma — 96 Standard Days equals one relumma; four relumma in one Standard Year



Thawla — mother
Thawlana — grandmother
thodelm — head of a Line
tra’sia volecta — good morning
Trealla Fantrol — the name of yos’Galan’s house



va’netra — a charity case
Valcon Berant’a — Dragon’s Price, possibly Dragon’s Hoard; the name of Korval’s valley
Valcon Melad’aDragon’s Way, the delm’s own ship
van’chela — beloved friend




zaliata — (not a Liaden word) an energy creature, or perhaps an angel
zamir — (not a Liaden word) mister
zerkam’ka — kin-slayer
zhena — (not a Liaden word) missus

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7 thoughts on “Partial Liaden Universe® Dictionary

  1. Thank you.
    Reading your books made me aware of many of these definitions from context or textual explanation. Having them all together is very helpful.
    Please expect a snail mail note and some encouragement from me soon.


  2. Thank you. This is great.
    So, how do I remind of other words? Like Drsslyad. [Dryad&”sss”]
    The species of the tree – as remembered by The Uncle? [I’ll have to go back and find that spelling and reference myself.]

  3. ssussdriad is the tree’s species as denoted by Lady Tiazin at end of Chrystal Soldier and remembered by Cantra several times in Chrystal Dragon. Anyone have an idea what the Fratellanzia are as mentioned by Arin in Crystal Dragon (p 611 in my copy)?

  4. This is great. I think it’d be more helpful if it were divided into Liaden > Terran/Terran > Liaden and other, or something along those lines.

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