Eye Candy

Plan B by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller will be re-released in mass market, with a spanking! new! cover! and an author’s afterword to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

The afterword is still being written, but here’s the cover.  Art by Sam Kennedy.

3 comments to Eye Candy

  • Amy  says:

    If the author is fine with this cover, then I should be fine with it as well, and at least the color palette for both is right.

    But honestly? Nothing about Val Con’s description screamed “rugged soldier with fancy shaved sidelines” to me, nor was Miri supposed to look like a stereotypically pretty bombshell. Her iconic braid is also lost. We’re talking about a woman whose features were often perceived as… unique by several characters, unless we’re asking Val Con himself who obviously thinks his lifemate is the hottest woman in the universe (as he should!).

    I feel like the original covers, imperfect as they were, did a better job of capturing the characters’ spirit.

  • Jeanne Hartzog  says:

    When you say “mass market” edition, is it the older, shorter-but-fatter style, or the newer, taller-but-thinner style that messes with my bookcases? Either way, I love the series!

    • Sharon  says:

      I don’t think I understand the question. The Baen mass market edition of Salvage Right that I have here in my hand is approximately 6.5 x 4.25 inches.

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