Trader’s Leap Mass Market

Those who Wait for the Mass Market Edition will be pleased to learn that Trader’s Leap, the 23rd novel in the Liaden Universe®, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, owner-operators, will be available from their favorite vendors on!

September 28 — that’s next Tuesday!


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AlbaCon news!

Steve and Sharon will be Author Guests of Honor at AlbaCon, September 17 and 18 — that’s this weekend!

You can — in fact, if you want to attend the con, you mustregister here.*  The convention is asking attendees to contribute what they feel is appropriate as a membership fee.

Our participation includes a Guest of Honor interview, conducted by Chuck Rothman; an investigation of the future of the Liaden Universe®, led by Tom Easton; and readings and panels.

Also!  Look for us at the Ice Cream Social on Friday evening.

One! More! Time!  Here’s the link to the convention.*

Everybody clear?  Excellent!  See you there!


*Yes, the links all say 2020, but we are assured that they are working for the 2021 Virtual AlbaCon.

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Housekeeping note

The Correct Reading Order page has been updated.

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Convention and publishing update

Steve and Sharon will be Writer Guests of Honor at the Virtual AlbaCon, on September 17 and 18, 2021 — note:  all of the web signage says 2020, but the info is for 2021.  Here’s the link.

Registration is open to all.  The con is asking people to donate what they can.  Here’s the link to the registration page.  Hope to see you all there!

In other news, now that the contract has been signed and countersigned, we can reveal that we sold original Liaden Universe® short story “Gadreel’s Folly,” featuring a character who may be familiar to some long-time readers, to editor Jason Cordova for the anthology Chicks in Tank Tops, tentatively scheduled to be published by Baen in 2022.  Watch the skies for more details and a preorder link, when one is available.

In workaday news, Steve has opene...

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For those who prefer to buy from Baen, this link will go live TOMORROW, that is to say July 31, 2021.

Here’s your direct link to purchase BAD ACTORS: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 33, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, from Baen.

Recall, please, that Baen and Maine keep time via the East Time Zone of the US, and plan your shopping accordingly.

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So there’s that

FAIR TRADE, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, the 24th novel in the Liaden Universe®, direct sequel to 2013’s TRADE SECRET, has been turned in to Madame the Publisher at Baen.
Publication date is tentatively set for Summer 2022.
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BAD ACTORS available for pre-order

BAD ACTORS:  Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 33, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, published by Pinbeam Books, is now available for pre-order.  Links follow the Short, Obligatory FAQ.

  1.  YES, you will be able to purchase the ebook from Baen when it publishes, on July 31.  You can’t pre-order from Baen, because they don’t do that for non-Baen books.
  2.  YES, there will be a paper edition, eventually.  Amazon does not do pre-orders of paper books which are produced through CreateSpace or whatever Amazon’s print arm is called today.
  3.  YES, all three stories are reprints.  The stories are:  “Excerpts from Two Lives” (Star Destroyers, Baen, March 2018); “Dark Secrets” (Infinite Stars: Dark Frontiers, Titan, November 2019); “Revolu...
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Cover reveal!

Coming to a bookstore near you in February 2022, A Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume 5. Art by Sam Kennedy. Stories by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.
Table of Contents:
Authors’ Foreword
Fortune’s Favors
Opportunity to Seize
Shout of Honor
Command Decision
Dark Secrets
A Visit to the Galaxy Ballroom
The Gate That Locks the Tree
Preferred Seating
Ambient Conditions
Dead Men Dream
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Derelict now available for preorder

Derelict, edited by David B. Coe and Joshua Palmatier is now available for preorder from the Kindle store.  All stories are original to this anthology.

Here’s the Table of Contents:
“Symbiote” by Kristine Smith
“The Wreck of the Sarah Mohr” by D.B. Jackson
“The Tempest in Space” by Griffin Ayaz Tyree
“Playing Possum” by Andrija Popovic
“Standing Orders” by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
“Time, Yet” by Gerald Brandt
“Flight Plans Through the Dust of Dreams” by Kit Harding
“Saving Sallie Ruth” by Gini Koch writing as Anita Ensal
“Methuselah” by Jacey Bedford
“Celestial Object 143205” by Mark D. Jacobsen
“Mercy for the Lost” by Jana Paniccia
“When the Star Fell and the Levee Broke” by Alex Bledsoe
“Derelict of Duty” by Chaz Brenchley
“Two Ruins ...

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Lee and Miller Writer Guests at FantasyFaire 2021 in Second Life

More info here

Note that the times give are Second Life time, which in Real Life is Pacific time.

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