Ribbon Dance a bestseller!

Bookscan SF Bestsellers, New Books released June 2-8, 2024

#1 Apostles of Mercy, Lindsey Ellis
#2 Mirrored Heavens, Rebecca Roanhorse
#3 The Dark Forest, Cixin Liu
#4 Ribbon Dance, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
#5 501st Star Wars Legend (Imperial Commando), Karen Traviss

Thanks to everyone who made this possible — give yourselves a hand!

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PSA for those who downloaded Ribbon Dance from BN

There was a formatting error in the file, while resulted in forced tiny font that could not be changed by the reader*.

THIS ERROR HAS BEEN FIXED, and should be available by Monday, if not sooner, so you may redownload your book and read it in the font size of your desiring.

Though it was not mine, I apologize for the error and the consternation, not to say inconvenience, that it caused.

*No, it’s no use asking me how it happened; I don’t know.

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Are you prepared for Ribbon Dance?

Tomorrow, June 4, Ribbon Dance, the 26th novel set in the Liaden Universe® created by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, officially drops in hardcover and in ebook*.

For your optimum reading experience, you’ll want to lay in plenty of cake, not to mention pretty little cookies with pastel icing, tea, wine, nuts, and maybe a nice tray of cheese and crackers.

After all, nobody wants an incident.

*As previously reported, Audible has passed on the opportunity to produce a audio edition of Ribbon Dance. Those rights are being shopped elsewhere and as soon as I know more than that, be sure that I’ll share it.


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Books dropping in June, with links!

As you may or may not know, Bob, June is quite the month for Lee and Miller.

On June 1, Double Vision — 29 short works by Steve Miller, Sharon Lee, and Sharon Lee and Steve Miller — will publish.  This is an electronic edition (with some added editorial material) of SRM Publisher, Ltd’s 2009 trade paperback.

Double Vision is available for preorder now from All of the Usual Suspects.  On June 1, it will be available for download from those Same Vendors and also from Baen.com

Here’s a Universal Link, to preorder Double Vision, provided as a courtesy.

As if that weren’t enough good news for the beginning of any month, Ribbon Dance, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, the 26th novel in the Liaden Universe® (never mind what Amazon says; Amazon is Incredibly Confused about . . ...

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From the mail bag

So!  Yesterday was quite a banner day for Liaden Universe® appreciations.

There was Ryk Spoor’s guest column, here.

And there was also a column on Giant Freaking Robot, by Joshua Tyler, here.

Both are largely positive takes on the universe, and I encourage you to read them and share them, perhaps, with your friends who have yet to discover All Things Liaden.

Despite being largely positive, Mr. Tyler’s piece contains a sentence which has . . . horrified, concerned, and angered some Liaden readers and fans, and thus I find letters in my mailbox.  This blog post is a blanket reply to those letters, and statements of concern.

Mr. Tyler states:  “Sadly, Liaden co-author Steve Miller died suddenly on February 20, 2024. He was 73...

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Guest Post by Ryk Spoor

Ribbon Dance is part of something extraordinary.

That “something”, of course, is the Liaden universe, creation of Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. I, myself, didn’t encounter the Liaden books until long after the publication of the first book, Agent of Change, in 1988. This was unfortunate in one sense – that I was so long unaware of such a wonderful series – but fortunate in another, because then I was able to step into that universe in its full, living complexity and dive deep and long, meeting not one or two but many of the members of Clan Korval and those touched by their magnificent and sometimes damnable Luck.

What makes the Liaden series extraordinary is that it has maintained an unwavering and amazing level of quality for the last twenty-five years, despite now encompassing nearly ...

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You may now preorder the Ribbon Dance ebook

You — yes, you! — may now preorder the Kindle edition of Ribbon Dance, if you’re so inclined, here.  Reports suggest that the ebook preorder button is also manifesting at BN, so check your favorite bookseller.

I note that Amazon can’t seem to figure out if Ribbon Dance is the 26th Liaden book, the 27th Liaden book, or the 29th Liaden book. Baen Books has been alerted to this situation.
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Preorders for signed Ribbon Dance open

Those who have been waiting (patiently, so very patiently) to be able to order signed copies of RIBBON DANCE from the Uncle — your patience has been rewarded!

Here’s your link.

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Shout out for Volunteers!

Are you — yes, you! — going to a convention, literary event, or are lucky enough to have a local bookstore or library that will accept promo items? If you are — the Liaden Universe® needs you!

I will soon need folks to take Ribbon Dance postcards out into the world and place them on freebie/promotional tables.

If you can take a few postcards in hand — please reply to this post with your name and address (I won‘t make those messages public, promise), and I’ll send you postcards just as soon as I can.

Spanish Aunts!

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Boosting the Signal: Baen Books eligible for the Dragon Awards

The below is from Baen Books, reproduced in its entirety.

For those who read here for news of Things Liaden — yes, both Salvage Right and Ribbon Dance, the novels, are eligible this year, as well as the cover art for both books.

Honestly, I can’t choose between the cover art for Salvage Right and Ribbon Dance, so good luck with that.

For those interested in the Dragon Award Rules, go here

Without further comment — here’s Baen:

Dear readers,

The following is a comprehensive list of our eligible titles for the 2024 Dragon Awards. They are listed in publication order, except for the cover artists. They are listed alphabetically by artist with the books they illustrated.

Science Fiction
“Salvage Right” by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
“Endangered Species” by Charles E. Gannon
“House of Rough Diam...

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