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Lee and Miller win Readers Choice Award

“Wise Child,” by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller was chosen from among fifteen stories collected in third annual Year’s Best Military and Adventure SF, edited by David Afsharirad, published by Baen Books.

The winner was announced at the Baen Traveling Roadshow at DragonCon, with Baen Executive Editor Jim Minz accepting for Lee and Miller.

The prize is a plaque and $500 cash.

Below is the text of Lee and Miller’s acceptance speech.


Yes, you heard us.


We probably ought to be a little more formal than that, so let’s try this:

To DragonCon attendees, science fiction fans, and readers everywhere: Hello! from the wilds of Central Maine.

We’re pleased to be here, at least metaphorically, at this particular Baen Traveling Roadshow, to stand as the proud parents of “Wise Child,” which rea...

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Coming — and here now — in 2019

Welcome to 2019 and some news from the various worlds of Lee & Miller

On the first Liaden Universe® front we’re finishing up a book — Accepting the Lance — to be turned in to Baen by the end of the month, with publication currently set for the end of the year. Watch for more news here or on Facebook.

What’s coming sooner than Accepting the Lance? To begin with, there’s Neogenesis in mass market paper. Last year’s hardback Liaden novel spent 2 months on the Locus Bestseller list and hits stores and sites on March 26, 2019. If you’ve been waiting for the small-size, it is coming your way:

Not long after Neogenesis an in demand collection arrives — Liaden Universe® Constellation #4, due out from Baen in J...

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And that’s a wrap

Accepting the Lance, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, the twenty-second novel in our original Liaden Universe® series, our eighty-sixth collaborative effort, has been turned in to Baen.

Lance weighs in at just about 130,000 words.

It will be published in December 2019. Cover art will be by David Mattingly.

It is now traditional for the writer to say:


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News You Can Use

So, this is a test of Auctorial Acuteness.  Can I can get all the Stuff in one blog post?  Let’s see. . .

  1.  You may preorder a signed and/or personalized copy of Accepting the Lance by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, from Uncle Hugo’s SF Bookstore.  Here’s your link.
  2. You may preorder the ebook edition of Accepting the Lance from:  BN and Amazon  (yes, you may also preorder the hardcover edition; don’t let’s make this any more difficult than it already is, ‘K?)
  3. Amazon is running a sale on the ebook edition Fortune’s Favors: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 28.  During the month of November the price will be $1.49.
  4. Brand-new Liaden story “Dark Secrets” will be published in Infinite Stars: Dark Frontiers on November 5...
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Liaden Universe® Awards and Honors

So, I’m updating the List of Honors received by the Liaden books, because with one thing and another thing, and that thing over there, dammit — I’d gotten behind on recordkeeping.

Over 300,000 Liaden books in print — this was in April last year, but the best number I have.

13 National Bestsellers:
Liaden Universe® Constellation Volume I
Liaden Universe® Constellation Volume II
Liaden Universe® Constellation Volume III
Ghost Ship
Necessity’s Child
Trade Secret
Dragon Ship
Dragon in Exile
Mouse and Dragon
Agent of Change
The Gathering Edge
Accepting the Lance

One USA Today Bestseller: Saltation

22 Locus Bestsellers — that’s 22 titles, not weeks on the list

Balance of Trade, Hal Clement Award 2005
Scout’s Progress, Prism Award #1 2002
Local Custom, Prism Award #2 2002

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Convention and publishing update

Steve and Sharon will be Writer Guests of Honor at the Virtual AlbaCon, on September 17 and 18, 2021 — note:  all of the web signage says 2020, but the info is for 2021.  Here’s the link.

Registration is open to all.  The con is asking people to donate what they can.  Here’s the link to the registration page.  Hope to see you all there!

In other news, now that the contract has been signed and countersigned, we can reveal that we sold original Liaden Universe® short story “Gadreel’s Folly,” featuring a character who may be familiar to some long-time readers, to editor Jason Cordova for the anthology Chicks in Tank Tops, tentatively scheduled to be published by Baen in 2022.  Watch the skies for more details and a preorder link, when one is available.

In workaday news, Steve has opene...

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PSA: Who’s Writing Which for When?

Lee and Miller are under contract to Baen Books for three Liaden Universe® novels after Fair Trade, which will be published in May.  Those novels are:

1   The sequel to Fair Trade (title TBD) — Steve Miller, Lead Writer

2   Tinsori Light: The Novel (better title coming along RSN) — Sharon Lee, Lead Writer

3   A Liaden Novel to be Named Later — Sharon Lee, Lead Writer probably?  At the moment, I’m leaning toward going back to the Redlands and checking in with Padi, Tekelia, Aunt Astra, Eet, and the gang. This could change, as all things may change, and only reflect my thoughts at the moment.

For those who have been playing along at home for a long time, the above three novels complete the Triple Threat contract with Baen.

We do not at the moment have any short works under contract,...

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Deadlines for the next three Liaden books

Madame the Agent and Madame the Publisher have been very busy on our behalf.  We can now provide TURN-IN dates for the next three Liaden books (for those who collect such things, this is the so-called Triple Threat Contract).

SALVAGE RIGHT due to Baen June 2022

TRADE LANES due to Baen, September 2022

BOOK THREE (return to the Redlands) due to Baen, June 2023

Again — these are deadlines, not publication dates.

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Liaden Universe® Updates

Presented in order of Temporal Proximity.

First!  We have a book coming out on May 3!  Fair Trade, the third account of the loves and adventures of Jethri Gobelyn ven’Deelin, Trader Extraordinaire, will be available in hardcover, and electronic from all of the usual vendors.  Right now, you may preorder the hardcover from those same usual suspects.

There are Notes, to wit!

Note A:  YES, you will be able to buy this novel electronically on the release date.  NO, you may not preorder it.  This is how our publisher does things, and is above our pay grade.

Note B:  If you want a signed copy of the hardcover Fair Trade, you can preorder one right here

Note B1:  Personalizations are not available this time...

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Sharon Lee and Steve Miller have just submitted their one hundredth collaborative effort, novel SALVAGE RIGHT, to Toni Weisskopf, at Baen Books.


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