Liaden Universe® Updates

Presented in order of Temporal Proximity.

First!  We have a book coming out on May 3!  Fair Trade, the third account of the loves and adventures of Jethri Gobelyn ven’Deelin, Trader Extraordinaire, will be available in hardcover, and electronic from all of the usual vendors.  Right now, you may preorder the hardcover from those same usual suspects.

There are Notes, to wit!


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Note A:  YES, you will be able to buy this novel electronically on the release date.  NO, you may not preorder it.  This is how our publisher does things, and is above our pay grade.

Note B:  If you want a signed copy of the hardcover Fair Trade, you can preorder one right here

Note B1:  Personalizations are not available this time.  Uncle Hugo’s is just getting settled into their new space, and there was some concern about Mistakes Being Made.  Nobody wants mistakes, amirite?

Note C:  We have heard nothing about an audiobook edition.  This, too, is above our pay grade.  Please be assured that, should we hear something, we will shout it from the rooftops.

Second!  Salvage Right, a Liaden Universe® novel set on Tinsori Light, will be handed in to Baen in June.  Trade Lanes, the fourth Jethri Gobelyn ven’Deelin novel, has a September deadline.  That’s right, we’re turning in two books in 2022.

Third!  Title TBA, a Liaden Universe® novel that will probably continue the story from the Redlands.  This could change, so, yanno, don’t mark in down in ink.  That book is due at Baen in June 2023.

Fourth!  And, may I just say, the reason I’ve called you all together today — Lee and Miller have signed a three-book contract with their long-time publisher Baen Books.  The contract’s call-name is Traveler’s Trio, and we have no idea where those novels will take us, yet, but we do have delivery dates.  Those are:

Traveler’s Trio ONE:  September 2024
Traveler’s Trio TWO:  September 2025
Traveler’s Trio THREE:  September 2026

Note A:  In September 2026, Sharon will be 74 years old.  Steve will have celebrated his 76th birthday three months prior.  This by way of reassuring those folks who have been worrying about our retirement that, err — writers don’t retire.  At least, writers at our level of the game don’t retire.

Here ends the Updatery.



2 comments to Liaden Universe® Updates

  • Ed8r  says:

    *jumping up and down with joy* This all sounds so good! You two are simply THE BEST!

  • Lee Cameron  says:

    You actually can (in a manner of speaking) pre-order “Fair Trade”, but only in electronic version (aka eBook). Baen Books, the publisher (to date, and bless them for it and for the continuation announced above) of the Liaden series offers certain titles in eBook format via their ‘Monthly Bundles’, and “Fair Trade” is included in their May 2022 Monthly Bundle (and yes, I am an active purchaser since 1999). Baen is also offering an electronic Advance Readers Copy (eARC) of “Fair Trade” on their web site. These are Baen ‘things’ and are not under the control (so far as I am aware) of our wonderful authors and hosts to the Liaden Universe, Sharon Lee or Steve Miller.

    Note that, per the Baen web site: “An eARC is an electronic Advance Reader Copy. This is an unproofed manuscript and is guaranteed to be full of typos and error. It is pretty much raw from the authors word processor. But you get the entire eARC well in advance of even the Monthly Baen Bundle release.” The eARC is the entire book, as noted above; the ‘Monthly Bundle’ is released in stages, with the final 25% or so not being released until the Official Date of Publication. Also, I do not represent Baen in any fashion, but am a very satisfied customer of theirs.

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