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David Mattingly’s artwork for the cover of Accepting the Lance by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, to be published by Baen Books in December 2019.

Cover art for Accepting the Lance by David Mattingly

3 comments to Eye Candy

  • Gary Stipe  says:

    if tis gets published in Dec, when would the e-arc be expected to be available under normal conditions…

  • Psiberware  says:

    I spy the Laughing Cat logo on the hull: port side, abaft the topside, amidships. Ergo, our POV is above and astern of Bechimo. Bechimo is either the vanguard of a larger force, or — knowing Theo — “It’s complicated.”

  • John Biallas  says:

    I have sent an e-mail to Baen, asking when it will be an EARC.
    No reply yet.

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