Sneak Peek Eye Candy: Alliance of Equals

Here we have something rare and precious — a sneak peek of the comp of the cover for Alliance of Equals.  Which is to say a suggested layout.  Sort of like the cover version of a first draft.

We are cautioned that the final cover may change, but this is where the Art Department at Baen is currently tending.

Art by David Mattingly, and yes, this does illustrate an Actual Scene from the book.


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Art by David Mattingly

7 comments to Sneak Peek Eye Candy: Alliance of Equals

  • Bruce Hobbs  says:

    Sold! Take my money!!

  • Elizabeth Moon  says:

    Gorgeous! Also, “Eeeeekk!”

  • Deb Krol  says:

    Looking for the cat ship–or the Cat Nebula.

  • Mary  says:

    Great, can we have it NOW???? please and thank you.

  • Steve Lopata  says:

    The cover looks great, but I pant for the insides.

  • Marti Panikkarr  says:

    Waiting, waiting, waiting — not so patiently! Thanks for the snack.

  • Phil Schulte  says:

    It doesn’t look much like an Alliance, colorful none-the-less.

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