Liaden Universe® Infodump #132

Liaden Universe® Infodump #132
June 29, 2023
Independence Day and Beyond

In this issue:
Salvage Right Official Publication Day is July 4
Podcast links and coming attractions
Salvage Right Spoiler Space
Anthology Notes
Convention Appearances

Salvage Right, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, the 25th Liaden Universe® novel (and their 100th collaborative work), will be officially released in paper and ebook editions July 4, 2023. We have word that some stores already have the hardback on the shelves; signed copies are available from Uncle Hugo’s bookstore in Minneapolis.


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Sample chapters from Salvage Right are available online now at Baen:

In honor of Salvage Right Lee and Miller are taking part in a number of podcasts and special events.

Annies Bookstore: Selina Lovett at Annie’s Bookstore did a Zoom interview with the authors, which can be found here:

Watch for Griffin Barber’s interview with us at the Baen Free Radio Hour:

Upcoming: An interview with CultureScape with Peter Pischke with release date TBA, and another interview, this with Under The Radar SFF Books due later in July:

The authors will be doing a virtual book signing at Pandemonium Books, Wednesday July 26: details TBA

As has been their pleasant habit, Lee and Miller have created a spoiler
discussion space available for those speedy readers who have read the
eARC, and want to talk about Salvage Right. We do this in kindness to
those people who are waiting for the hardcover, or the audiobook, or the
mass market, and who do not want the story spoiled for them. Here’s the
link to the Salvage Right spoiler space:


Solar Flare, the ZNB ″solar punk″ anthology will be published sooner than expected, with an adjusted release date of July 15, 2023, including the Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (non-Liaden) story ″Interventions.″ Available electronically from the usual places, the Amazon ebook is at: . A paper edition can be found at

“Last Train Outta Kepler 283-c”, edited by David Boop, will feature a Liaden ″western″ – The Last Train to Clarkesville – when it arrives. That exact 2024 publication date is still to be determined.


Astronomicon … October 27-29, 2023, Rochester, NY – We’ve been invited to participate in programming and hope to do a reading. At last report the convention hotel was close to full, so act fast if you’d like to attend –

Boskone … February 9-11, 2024, Boston, MA –


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*Lee and Miller Patreon Support Page <>

Pinbeam Books <>: an online catalog, with
vendor links, to all Lee-and-Miller, Miller, and Lee self-published works

Splinter Universe <>: features outtakes,
splinters, oddities from the Lee&Miller writing career, currently
changes irregularly.

Welcome to Liad <>: The official homepage for
Liaden Universe® news

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