Addendum to InfoDump 129

This is in answer to the numerous pleas across several venues for more information on SALVAGE RIGHT, its setting and cast.
SALVAGE RIGHT is set on Tinsori Light. The cast of characters includes, but is not limited to!
Jen Sin yos’Phelium
Seignur Veeoni
Tocohl Lorlin
Tolly Jones
Hazenthull nor’Phelium
Theo Waitley

6 comments to Addendum to InfoDump 129

  • Sharon Lee  says:

    Admin here.

    A comment on this post was removed because it contained spoilers for FAIR TRADE. Please don’t do this, folks; it’s not fair to other readers. This is why we set up a Spoiler Discussion.


    • Ed8r  says:

      Oops! As the one whose post had to be removed, my apologies to “admin” and/or others. I thought the warning would be sufficient, but now I know, thanks. It won’t happen again!

  • Thomas Bryson  says:

    Question: Where can I find updates of earlier Liaden novels? I tried to update a number once and ended up with 1% of a number of them downloaded. Help please.

    • admin  says:

      Not sure what you mean by “update” here … if you are speaking ebooks, particularly Baen ebooks, you need to deal with them about it.

      • Thomas Bryson  says:

        Sorry that I am so inarticulate in describing the situation. If I knew what I had done I could probably fix it. I can only describe the problem. When I go into my kindle library in my iPad and click on a Liaden book to re-read, it opens to a white page. Only by shutting down the iPad can I get out of the book. It seems like I might have to re-download the books which have that issue. Thanks.

        • Thomas Bryson  says:

          I solved my Kindle problem by re-downloading my books. Thanks for your patience.

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