Watch the Skies!

This should be available in time for the US “Holiday Season.”

Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 34 contains collects the existing stories of The Bakery into one volume.  Three titles are reprints —  “Degrees of Separation,” “Fortune’s Favors,” “Block Party” — the fourth, “Our Lady of Benevolence,” is original to this chapbook.  Also included is an Authors’ Foreword.


2 comments to Watch the Skies!

  • George K. Atkins  says:

    As a senior citizen, I come late to the Liaden Universe, but late beats never. The Liaden Universe has become my favorite series and I am working hard to catch up. I still enjoy (re)reading other series, such as Sherlock Holmes, Drake’s Cinnabar books, and the Honor Harrington books; but yours is a series apart. In addition to the “space opera” format (which I love), some of the things in the Liaden Universe books that especially appeal to me are:
    1. The important of families and the complexities of tradition and convention
    2. The cultural and social environments
    3. The plausible personalities of your characters
    4. How you eke out more depth and new areas in the Liaden Universe.

    I see you are under contract with Baen for at least three more titles. Even though you have been writing these books for 20 years, I hope you have enough energy and interest to keep going for many more years. And I hope I’ll be around long enough to buy them and enjoy them!

  • George Kimball Atkins  says:

    Oops, I goofed about your years writing Liaden Universe books. Clearly, you’ve been writing them for 34 years, I think! Math is always a burden for me.

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