News: Change State and Trader’s Leap audiobook

Change State:  Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 32, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, including reprint short story “Command Decision,” and brand-new novella “Dead Men Dream” is now available for download from all the usual vendors.

Here’s a link to Change State on Baen

Here’s the link to the Amazon page, including both ebook and paper editions.


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Here’s a so-called “Universal Link.

Once you have read Change State, Steve and I would take it kindly if you would review it in the venue(s) of your choice.  Thank you.

In audiobook news, Steve and I have an appointment with Trade Secret’s narrator, Eileen Stevens, this Sunday evening.  So, yes, there will be an audiobook, and forward motion is, er, motioning.

4 comments to News: Change State and Trader’s Leap audiobook

  • David Webb  says:

    I’m watching for Change State to become available on Google Play Books.

    • Sharon  says:

      I suspect you may wait a long time.

      • David Webb  says:

        Most of my library is purchased on Google because it offers more flexibility in how I read than Amazon. I shifted away from Kindle to Google Play about 8 years ago and so far haven’tn’t have much of a compelling reason to switch back.

        All but one of my purchases of your books were Google purchases. I purchased Accepting the Lance on Kindle, but was limited in where and when I could read it and really don’t want to be stuck going back to Kindle.

        When you indicated that it might be a long time before I can purchase Change State on Google Play Books, I could read several answers into that statement. Were you suggesting to be patient, did your statement indicate no current plans, or was there more of a hell freezing over quality to it? (Btw, I lived in Texas for 39 years, and it did pretty much freeze over this year, so maybe I can still be hopeful)

        – DW

  • Sharon  says:

    Except for Amazon, which we deal with in-person, all of our indie titles (published by Pinbeam Books) are distributed by Draft2Digital. At one point, very briefly, D2D did distribute to Google Books/Play/Whatever. Problems Occured. I was not privy to the problems, but the best solution that Draft2Digital could come to (in my experience, D2D is an even-handed, patient, and practical distributor which has its eye on benefit to their authors) the Best Solution D2D could arrive at was to stop distributing to Google Books/Play/Whatever. I’m OK with this, as an author and a publisher. Our books are available from many stores. That’s what I meant when I said that you’d wait a long time before you see Change State on Google.

    Sometimes, when my preferred store doesn’t carry a title I want, I have to go to another store. I have both Kindle and Nook apps on my tablet, and I also have Moon Reader, so I can download from places like Book View Cafe and Baen.

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