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A Liaden Universe® InfoDumpling is a small InfoDump, sent out sporadically, when there are only a few, hot, news items to share.

Uncle Hugo’s Opens Pre-Orders for Signed and/or Personalized Copies of Alliance of Equals
Alliance of Equals, the 19th Liaden Universe® novel, will be published on July 5.  As has become his pleasant habit, the Uncle is once again taking pre-orders for signed and/or personalized books.

Here is the link to the pre-order page at Uncle Hugo’s website.


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Here is a link to an explanatory blog entry.

There is a deadline involved!  All personalization requests must be made no later than June 1.

Thank you!

Offworld Designs Adds New Items to its Liaden Category
In addition to mugs, and basic black apparel, the good folks at Offworld Designs have added lady’s v-neck t-shirts, t-shirts in forest green, polo shirts in forest green, and *blue* denim shirts.

You can start shopping here.

Another All-New Story at Splinter Universe
As previously advertised, Sharon did post a second Archers Beach short story to Splinter Universe back at the end of January.  You may read “Will-o’-the-wisp” here.

For those who missed the first story, “The Wolf’s Bride,” it can be found here.

Boskone Was Great!
We had a splendid time at Boskone.  Thanks to all of the manymany volunteers who help make the con happen every year (in February!  in Boston!).  And thanks to everyone who attended!

Information about next year’s Boskone may be had here.

Lee and Miller Upcoming Conventions
Ravencon,  April 29-May 1, Williamsburg, Virginia, Doubletree. Writer Guests of Honor, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller; Artist Guest of Honor, Vincent DiFate.

BaltiCon 50,  May 27-30, The Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel, Baltimore, MD.  Writer Guest of Honor: George R.R. Martin; Artist Guest of Honor, John Picacio.  Also! All of the 50 previous GoHs who are willing to attend.  Steve and Sharon will attending as Past Writer GoHs of BaltiCon 37.

MidAmeriCon II, the 74th World Science Fiction Convention, August 17-21, 2016, Kansas City, MO. Sharon and Steve have purchased their attending memberships.

Alliance of Equals Mini Book Tour
Sharon and Steve will be visiting some bookstores in support of the publication of Alliance of Equals, in July.

July 5, 7 pmFlights of Fantasy, Albany, NY (book party!)
July 8, 7 pmAnnie’s Book Stop of Worcester, MA
July 9, 2 pmToadstool Books, Milford NH
July 14, 7 pm: Pandemonium Books, Cambridge MA

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One comment to Liaden Universe® InfoDumpling

  • Paula Lieberman  says:

    This year the weather at Boskone was springtime sunny and springtime temperature weather-as opposed to last year’s Snowmaggedon.

    Weather is a crapshoot–this year the weekend Boskone is usually on, broke some cold weather records for chill,but the following weekend, was quite a bit above average temperature for mid-February.

    Rotten or good weather can happen anytime–I was on a business rip some years ago to the panhandle of Florida and the afternoon daily thunderstorms were so bad they shut down military flight operations and equipment testing. Hurricane season starts in June and goe until sometime in the fall. Hailstroms, rainstorms, snowsstorms, windstorms, tornadoes… they hit when they hit.

    At least New England’s prepared for -some- snow in the winter–as opposed to areas which get crippled when there’s an inch of snow falling fro the sky to the ground!

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