Coming this summer — a book, and a book tour

In June, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller are going on an East Coast book tour this summer in  support of Dragon In Exile, the next Liaden novel…click to see some of what Clan Korval is facing … with art by David Mattingly.

Click here for a link to a special animated edition of that art …



2 thoughts on “Coming this summer — a book, and a book tour

  1. Oh yes, I’ve been and read the eARC and now of course, I want the next installment, Alliance of Equals. I know bad, bad. Do you happen to know when we might see that eARC? 🙂 Because you know, I’ll be like the first person to snap one up! Please keep writing – faster, pleeease? 🙂

    • Alliance of Equals — is still being written. We’ll turni it in just before our book tour, which starts on June 2.

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