Contest Over!

Thanks to everyone who told the story of their First Contact with the Liaden Universe®. The topic is still open to those who want to tell their stories, but the contest is now closed.

The recipients of the five free Trade Secret audiobooks graciously supplied by Audible, will be chosen from among those who commented before the midnight, Friday, December 6, deadline.

Watch this blog to find out if you’re one of the lucky winners, and for instructions on how to claim your prize.


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Steve and Sharon


5 comments to Contest Over!

  • Gregory Gaskill  says:

    My first exposure to the Liaden Universe… Wow. I read Agent of Change when I was 13 years old. 1986 I believe it was. I have been enamored ever since, and re-read the novels that I have frequently. I actually met Steve and Sharon at Balticon in 1987, in Hunt Valley, Maryland. I have the good fortune, at the time, to be the stepson of a friend of theirs. The copy of Agent of Change they signed for me is, alas, lost now. Too many intervening years, with too many events transpiring in them. I lost track of the Liaden universe as I entered adulthood, and later, parenthood. I recently rediscovered them when I saw a paperback of I Dare on a rack in a discount store. I snatched that up, and read it non-stop. Afterward, I venturd out on the web to see what Else I had missed, and discovered the Liaden Universe has expanded far beyond what I ever imagined it would! It is truly wonderful, and I am happy for Sharon and Steve that their creation has proliferated to the extent it has. Someday, I hope to be able to acquire more of the stories, and someday share them with my children.

    • Steve  says:

      I’m glad you’re still reading us … but want to point out that Agent of Change *didn’t come out* until 1988 — well, I think it hit some stores (like Greetings and Readings in the old location) the last week of December in 1987.

      • Gregory Gaskill  says:

        Well, as I indicated, I wasn’t exactly certain of the year. I do very clearly remember Balticon, and meeting the two of you. Drew Farrell was, at the time, married to my mother, which I how that happened to come about. At any rate, I appreciate that you took the time to point out my error. Take care.

        • Steve  says:

          Gregory —

          the reason I mentioned it at all is that if i wasn’t clear on it people would start looking for the “earlier books” or editions and I didn’t want that to happen. We already have several phantom books to our name (sigh). Steve

  • Kitty Michot  says:

    sharon & steve, My first book was Code of Honor way back (I don’t know a date) The next book I found was Agent of Change and then Carpe Diem. I was very upset when the story ine stopped and I wrote the publisher many times asking what happened. I never got an answer. My son gave my a Christmas gift of Partners In Necessity and I was so pleased to see a new publication, I didn’t care thet I already had the books. As more books came out I have collected each one and have a complete shelf of the Liaden Universe. Thank you for your work and for taking me into another world combining space and fantasy. K.Michot

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