Art and Cover: Necessity’s Child

This — well.  These just in, for your viewing pleasure:

First, the final cover art for Necessity’s Child, from David B. Mattingly:

Final Art Necessity’s Child Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Art by David B. Mattingly

And! the final cover for Necessity’s Child, from Baen Books:


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Final cover Necessity’s Child
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Art by David B. Mattingly

It is traditional at times like these to try to find the cat in the image.

Now! Mr. Mattingly has a pleasant practice of making a limited number of posters of our cover art available to those interested.  To call these “posters” is to do them a disservice; they are beautiful giclee prints worthy of framing.  I say this with confidence, as we have four of them (the art for Saltation, Ghost Ship, Dragon Ship, and Mouse and Dragon) framed and hanging in our living room.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these gorgeous prints, please contact David at davidATdavidmattinglyDOTcom

Necessity’s Child is a stand-alone Liaden Universe® novel that takes place “in a pocket,” as we’ve been saying, of Ghost Ship.  For those who follow Sharon’s blog, this is the book that bore the working title of George.

If you wish to order a signed copy of Necessity’s Child, to be published in February 2013 by Baen Books, you may do so from Uncle Hugo’s SF Bookstore, Barnes & Noble,, or the local indie vendor of your choice.  Unsigned books will also be available everywhere fine SF/F books are sold.

3 thoughts on “Art and Cover: Necessity’s Child

  1. Looks great! I already have the limited signed edition of this book on order from Amazon. I ordered the Dragon Ship Limited Signed Edition in December 2011, but have been advised that Amazon is having problems obtaining the book. Three weeks and still waiting…

    • Your best bet at this point, if you really want a signed edition of Dragon Ship, is to contact Uncle Hugo’s and see if they have any left. This is why:

      4. There was error at the bindery which resulted in some signed sheets being bound into the wrong edition (by which I mean wrong-ISBN, since the signed and unsigned editions bear two distinct ISBNs) of Dragon Ship. This has, as you may well imagine, Caused Some Problems. The quickest to recover is Don Blyly, who, now in receipt of Simon and Schuster’s fix (no, I don’t know whose fault it was, who’s fixing what, or exactly what the fix is — don’t, I beg of you, ask me to explain any this; I’m reporting, here.), is continuing to ship pre-ordered books. He lets us know that he has another 100/150 unspoken for signed editions, so if Amazon has failed you — about which more in a moment — contact Uncle Hugo.

      4a. Amazon, evidentally neither as clever nor as accommodating as Uncle Hugo’s, is having head explosions all over the known book-selling universe. It’s cancelling orders; sending unsigned books to people who ordered signed books; sending signed and unsigned books to people who only ordered signed books; sending signed books to people who didn’t order signed books. None of that — not one detail of that — can we the authors fix for you. We are very sorry for the mix-up. But honestly? It has sorta palled, even as black comedy. Be it written that, by this point in the play, we are informed of the problem.

      (The complete post from which the above is extracted is here

  2. Thanks for the above clear, and witty, details of the snuff up. I had not ordered a signed copy, fraid I value your writings, which I do value very, very highly, above your signatures, but even the unsigned books were delayed in reaching my book shop, Galaxy, here in Sydney.NSW Australia because of said mix up. Very glad to say I now have “Dragon Ship” which I read then reread before loaning it to a good friend.
    Not enough room here to express all the details of your writings that have delighted, moved, amused and engrossed me You are both outstanding tellers of tales! Thank you.

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