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Lee and Miller Writer Guests at FantasyFaire 2021 in Second Life

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Note that the times give are Second Life time, which in Real Life is Pacific time.

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Convention and publishing update

Steve and Sharon will be Writer Guests of Honor at the Virtual AlbaCon, on September 17 and 18, 2021 — note:  all of the web signage says 2020, but the info is for 2021.  Here’s the link.

Registration is open to all.  The con is asking people to donate what they can.  Here’s the link to the registration page.  Hope to see you all there!

In other news, now that the contract has been signed and countersigned, we can reveal that we sold original Liaden Universe® short story “Gadreel’s Folly,” featuring a character who may be familiar to some long-time readers, to editor Jason Cordova for the anthology Chicks in Tank Tops, tentatively scheduled to be published by Baen in 2022.  Watch the skies for more details and a preorder link, when one is available.

In workaday news, Steve has opene...

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AlbaCon news!

Steve and Sharon will be Author Guests of Honor at AlbaCon, September 17 and 18 — that’s this weekend!

You can — in fact, if you want to attend the con, you mustregister here.*  The convention is asking attendees to contribute what they feel is appropriate as a membership fee.

Our participation includes a Guest of Honor interview, conducted by Chuck Rothman; an investigation of the future of the Liaden Universe®, led by Tom Easton; and readings and panels.

Also!  Look for us at the Ice Cream Social on Friday evening.

One! More! Time!  Here’s the link to the convention.*

Everybody clear?  Excellent!  See you there!


*Yes, the links all say 2020, but we are assured that they are working for the 2021 Virtual AlbaCon.

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Steve Miller’s Boskone 59 Schedule

Steve Miller will be a virtual panelist at Boskone 59, February 18-20.  Boskone 59 is a Hybrid Convention this year.

Steve’s schedule is below.  All times are Eastern Standard.

VIRTUAL: Unhappy Endings Format: Panel
18 Feb 2022, Friday 8pm – 8:50pm, Marina IV (Westin)
Jane Yolen, Steve Miller, Julie Czerneda, Paul Di Filippo (M), Ada Palmer

Tragic plays from Shakespeare, Sophocles, Aeschylus, and Euripides are still with us … hundreds, even thousands of years later. Not all stories let the protagonist triumph — sometimes they lose; sometimes they even die losing. Some science fiction and fantasy writers’ unhappily ending stories are quite popular. Why do they succeed? Why do other such stories fail — even fail so hard their authors never try to write unhappily ever after?


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Lee and Miller Convention Schedule

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller will be attending ChiCon8, the 80th World Science Fiction Convention, to be held in Chicago, August 31-September 4. The selection of panelists is on-going.  The Final Lee and Miller Schedule will be reported here, as soon as there is on.

Planning is underway for a Friends of Liad breakfast.  News of that event will also be posted here as soon as there is any.

Lee and Miller will be Writer Guests of Honor at Heliosphere, April 28-30 in Piscataway NJ, in their first in-person GOH gig since MidSouthCon in 2018. David Mattingly will be Artist Guest of Honor.

The Heliosphere webpage is undergoing updates.  In the meantime, for those interested, Heliosphere does has a Facebook group.  Those interested may join here.


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Lee and Miller WorldCon Update

Due to circumstances beyond our control Lee and Miller will not be making in person visits to ChiCon 8 — WorldCon — this Labor Day. No train trip to Chicago, no in-person Friends of Liad breakfast.
We will take part in virtual events, as available.
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Lee and Miller ChiCon 8 Schedule

Steve Miller and Sharon Lee will be attending WorldCon virtually this year.

Our combined schedule is below.  We are opening the con and closing it — a signal honor.  Please note that readings are 40 minutes.

Hope to see you there!


Space/Time: Airmeet 1/Thursday, September 1, 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM CDT
Title: Improbable Research Dramatic Readings
Description: Most people never read actual scientific research papers. The topics can seem obscure, the writing abstruse, stilted, fanatically technical. But some papers have parts rivaling the best theatrical scripts...

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WorldCon! Book Signing!

On Thursday — that’s tomorrow — Sharon Lee and Steve Miller will have their first panels as Virtual ChiCon attendees.

At 5:30 Central/6:30 Eastern, Sharon will be participating in the Improbable Research Dramatic Readings.

At 7 Central/8 Eastern, Steve will be hosting a Table Talk.

Sharon’s complete con schedule can be found here

Steve’s complete con schedule can be found here

In addition to our WorldCon duties, we will be signing in person at Sherman’s Maine Coast Book Shop in Topsham Maine, on Saturday, September 3, from 11 am until 1 pm.  Hope to see you there!


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HELIOsphere registration open!

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller will be writer guests of honor at HELIOsphere, joining artist guest of honor David B. Mattingly, frequent cover artist for Liaden novels, and special guest Chuck Gannon for a weekend of scifi and Liaden merriment.

Registration and room block are now open.

Here’s your link.

We’re really looking forward to this, and hope to see all — yes, that’s all — of you there!


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Liaden Universe® Holiday InfoDumpling

Audio Book News
Fair Trade, by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, the 24th novel set in their original Liaden Universe®, published as hardcover and ebook by Baen in May 2022, is now available from Audible, Eileen Stevens narrating.
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Convention News
Boskone 60, February 17-19, 2023.  Registration is now open
Guests of Honor: Nalo Hopkinson, Victo Ngai, Tui T. Sutherland, Dave Clement.
Lee and Miller have been accepted as panelists, and will be attending.
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The website has been updated and registration is now open for HelioSpehere 2023. Liaden Universe® authors Sharon Lee and Steve Miller and frequent Liaden cover artist David Mattingly are Guests of Honor; April 28 – 30, 2023 Holiday Inn Piscataway, NJ.
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Happy holidays to all...

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