Friends of Liad Breakfast information for Boskone

For decades now, and whenever possible, Lee and Miller have hosted a Friends of Liad Breakfast during the conventions we attended.

This pleasant custom fell by the wayside due to cancer, plague, and, oh, plague.

Lee and Miller will be at Boskone in-person next week, and will be hosting a Friends of Liad breakfast at Saucity inside the Westin, on Saturday, February 18 at 8:15 am, and we hope you’ll be able to join us.


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Please read the information below.

1  The Friends of Liad Breakfast is not (NOT) a convention event
2  The Friends of Liad is not (NOT) a free event

WHAT THE FOL BREAKFAST IS: An informal gathering of friends and fans of the Liaden Universe®, its characters and/or its authors (or their cats).  We gather together for a meal, in order to catch up with each other, and to reaffirm ourselves as a community (which sounds a lot more formal than it actually is).


1  Lee and Miller warn the good folks at Saucity (who have done this many times before) that we will be expecting to breakfast with a dozen, possibly more, friends on Saturday starting approximately at 8:15 am, and that those friends would be looking for THE FRIENDS OF LIAD BREAKFAST.

2  We will all be seated together (caveat: there have been a couple times when the group was so large we weren’t all able to be seated at one table.  Satellite tables were then arranged.  The staff at Saucity is very good at what they do).

3  Everyone will order, or otherwise gather their breakfast, and everyone will pay for their own breakfast.  This includes Sharon and Steve.

4  We eat, we talk, we laugh.  Hopefully, we have fun.

5  We disperse (this year) in time for Miller to get to his 10:00 am panel

If you’d like to attend, leave a note in reply, so that the staff at Saucity can be adequately prepared.


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