Liaden Universe® InfoDump Number 130

Liaden Universe® InfoDump No. 130
News from Sharon Lee and Steve Miller’s Liaden Universe® and Beyond!

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Upcoming Publication News
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From Every Storm: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 35
Ebook to be released on November 23, 2023. Paper book available on or slightly before that date. The ebook is now available for pre-order at Apple, Amazon, BN, Kobo, among others.

From Every Storm
is a chapbook compilation of three Liaden Universe® stories, one of them never before published. The storms of the title spring not so much from the desert or the deep blue sea but from the minds and hearts of humanity, where greed wars with truth and justice, and where sometimes the supposed end of storm is a mere hurricane eye portending greater potential for damage ahead.

First up is “Standing Orders,” a finalist for 2022’s WSFA’s Small Press Award for Short Fiction, originally published in Derelict, a 2021 ZNB anthology. What happens at the end of a war that no one really won, where victory came at the price of acting more like the enemy than the High Command ever should?

Next is the previously unissued “Songs of the Fathers” a story dealing with Shan yos’Galan’s sometime trade partner Lomar Fasholt and her family as they struggle to follow her Mother’s religion as it morphs from loving to acquisitive, from flexible to aggressively rule-bound. Lomar’s a good mother and wife but her self-exiled family’s suffered greatly through this storm of changes. Will they find hope amidst the tumult?

Finally, there’s “From Every Storm a Rainbow,” the 2021 holiday story from, wherein Sinit Caylon comes face to face with the perfidy of her absent brother while the accountant’s guild is trying to help Clan Mizel come about after years of of her mother’s abdication of responsibilities to Ran Eld. Sinit thinks the storm must be about over until it become obvious that between them her mother and brother may have fatally endangered the clan’s brightest future.

“Gadreel’s Folly,” lead story in the anthology Chicks in Tank Tops, edited by Jason Cordova, Baen Books, publication date January 3, 2023. “Folly” is Kasagaria Mikelsyn’s origin story. You may preorder Chicks in Tank Tops from your favorite bookstore. Those who indulge may purchase the earc from

Scout’s Progress 20th anniversary mass market reprint, February 28, 2023, featuring a gorgeous new cover by Sam Kennedy and a new foreword by the authors. Available for preorder from your favorite on-line bookstore.

Salvage Right, Lee and Miller’s 25th Liaden Universe® novel, July 4, 2023. Gorgeous cover by David Mattingly. Hardcover available for preorder at your favorite bookstore. There will be an ebook edition available on publication day, but, as we all know by now, not all Baen ebooks are available as preorders.

Regarding signed copies: We have spoken to the Uncle and he is willing to handle orders for signed copies of Salvage Right – HOWEVER, he will NOT be accepting preorders until somewhat closer to the publication date. This information is provided to help you to plan your ordering and budgeting. An InfoDumpling will be dispatched when preordering for signed books opens.

Regarding eARC: We assume that the lack of a ebook preorder button means that there will be an eARC edition available from Baen, 3 or 4 months prior to publication of the hardcover.

Regarding Salvage Right cover art: David Mattingly makes a limited number of prints of his covers available for sale. If you would like a print of the Salvage Right art (which is, honestly, just gorgeous), go here: type “Salvage Right” into the search box, and choose your size from those offered.

About Salvage Right:
With origins in the Old Universe, the malevolent, acquisitive intelligence of Tinsori Light sought to infect others with itself, and send those agents out into the wide new universe to infect even more.

For centuries, two heroes stood between Tinsori Light and the vulnerable universe – Light Keepers Jen Sin yos’Phelium and Lorith of the Sanderat.

Just when it seemed that they – merely human – must fail, Tinsori Light, enfeebled by aged systems, succumbed to the stress of a unique spatial event – and died, leaving the station a shell.

Luckily, the light keepers have back-up. A mismatched team of arcane specialists are on-station, working non-stop to preserve the Light, build trustworthy systems, and open the refurbished station for business.

In fact, ships are already incoming, and it becomes a matter of urgency to sort friend from foe. In particular, the Lyre Institute wishes to acquire Tinsori Light, and will do anything, spend anyone, to achieve that goal.

“The Last Train to Clarkesville,” Last Train Outta Kepplar-283c, edited by David Boop, Baen Books, publication date Winter 2023. We were challenged to write a Liaden Universe® Western.

Fair Trade audiobook. This has been a long time coming, and it ain’t here yet, but! We had a wonderful, lively conference with narrator Eileen Stevens, as she was getting ready to start recording, so we hope that the wait won’t be too much longer.


Lee and Miller have applied to be in-person panelists at Boskone 60 (February 17-19, 2023). There is a new process in place this year, and we’ve not yet heard back concerning our applications. More news when we have some.

Lee and Miller will be Writer Guests of Honor at Heliosphere, April 28-30, 2023 in Piscataway NJ. Artist Guest of Honor will be David Mattingly.

*As above, Salvage Right is the 25th Liaden Universe® novel.
*It is also Lee and Miller’s
29th collaborative novel, and 100th collaborative work.
*It is Sharon Lee’s 34
th novel.
*And! It brings Lee-and-Miller’s total lifetime collaborative words written to Three million, seven hundred fifty-eight thousand, four hundred and eight.

But we haven’t stopped, there. “The Last Train to Clarkesville” is Lee and Miller’s 102nd collaborative work, and we have more in the pipeline.

Thank you all for sticking with us through 35 years of telling stories!

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