Salvage Right Hardcover available for pre-order

Salvage Right by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, the 25th novel in the Liaden Universe®, is available for preorder from Amazon. Publication date is July 4, 2023. Which is … apt. Yes.
At the moment, the preorder link at Amazon is only for the hardcover.  We don’t know if the preorder is up on other vendors, because we haven’t looked, having other things in queue before it.
Here’s the Amazon link. Pass it on.


2 comments to Salvage Right Hardcover available for pre-order

  • Tom Goltz  says:

    Rather than giving my money to the evil empire, do you have any info on availability of signed copies through Uncle Hugo’s?

    • Sharon  says:

      We share information as it comes to us. The information that SALVAGE RIGHT is now available for preorder on Amazon came to us, so we shared it.

      That said — I was amazed that it’s already up — I mean, we’re nine months out. Don will talk with us once he starts his planning for mid-2023.

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