Salvage Right by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller is
. . . the 100th Lee-and-Miller collaborative work
. . . the 25th novel set in the Liaden Universe®
. . . Lee and Miller’s 29th novel
. . . Sharon Lee’s 34th novel
And! Brings Lee-and-Miller’s total lifetime collaborative words written to!
Three Million, Seven Hundred Fifty-Eight Thousand, Four Hundred and Eight

4 comments to SALVAGE RIGHT Fun! Facts!

  • Thomas Bryson  says:

    Looks like y’all had lots to say. Hunh.

  • Ed8r  says:

    If that doesn’t bring a sense of satisfaction . . . ?

  • David Daily  says:

    I have checked Baen Publishing and B&N Bookstores and cannot find Salvage Right. Where do I get this book????

    • Sharon  says:

      Try again in June 2023. The manuscript was just accepted by Baen two days ago.

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