Communique from the Collected Denizens of the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory

Let it be known that yesterday’s Writers’ Day Off” trip to New Hampshire was not only occasion for a leisurely drive to the Plymouth, NH environs but also a well-researched opportunity to meet with and adopt to our household one 21 month old Maine Coon cat from Kelimcoons, the same home that brought us Trooper, Sprite, and Belle. Currently going by the call-name Firefly, she is slated to assume the vacant fourth cat position.

Our new young friend was remarkably calm during her one hundred and fifty mile drive across state lines to the Cat Farm, only complaining once or twice – as who would not? – during several unexpected turn-and-bump situations.

On arrival at the Cat Farm, Firefly took up overnight residency in the second bathroom in order to recoup her energy. She took short meetings with the other cats in the household last evening and all agreed it would be good if she in fact were allowed to relax alone in her suite.


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Consideration of a nom-de-Cat Farm will take place over time, as she sorts her place and her responsibilities.

As of this morning Firefly has been given unrestricted access to the house. Most recent sighting showed her exploring the comfort of The Place Behind the Freezer in the basement, as well as the Place Beside the Ice Chests, having tested Belle’s once favorite spot of The Place Behind the Washer and Dryer and found it interesting but not that all it could be.

Glamour pic:

One comment to Communique from the Collected Denizens of the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory

  • William Cameron  says:

    Congratulations on the new addition! Cats have an ability to seek out their unique appropriate psychic space in a house that has the perfect resonance of universal forces for them.

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