From Every Storm a Rainbow story link

“From Every Storm a Rainbow,” Lee and Miller’s holiday story and gift to you, our readers, has been posted to Baen.  You may read it for free from now until mid-January.

Here’s your link.

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  • Lee Cameron  says:

    It is with great pleasure that I read the latest update on the status of Clan Mizel. While it must be regretted that the passing of Birin Caylon, who had been Mizel for some years, was documented and has been recorded in the Gazette, Clan Mizel should prosper under the guidance of Sinit Caylon, who now sits as Mizel. It might even occur that further events of Clan Mizel could be recorded in the future, which could well provide additional pleasure. Any such events are up to the Luck, but this information clearly indicates that the Luck does not ignore Mizel.

  • Gayle  says:

    Lovely story. I always wondered in the back of my mind, what happened to Sinit and Clan Mizel. Thanks for the telling. Now I wonder how Sinit/Mizel and the new clan members in-house are getting on.

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