OffWorld Designs Closing

I have in this morning’s mail a letter from Barb VanTilburg of OffWorld Designs.
Short form: Barb and Ray have looked about them and — they’ve decided to retire. This means that OffWorld Designs is closing (unless someone buys it. If you want to buy the business, contact Barb or Ray).
As all of us know who have made the decision to close a business that deals in real goods, the next step is to empty the warehouse.
Starting at noon Central time today, EVERYTHING in the Offworld Design Warehouse will be 50% off. That’s convention goods, Liaden stuff, bags of holding and bags of book, t-shirts — Da Works.
Do pass this news on.
Here’s the link to the Offworld Designs webpage: 

One comment to OffWorld Designs Closing

  • ELF  says:

    Thanks for sharing this info. I look forward to receiving my shirts!

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