Liaden Universe® Dance Card, November and December 2020

Confused by all the extra busyness surrounding the Liaden Universe® and Things Lee and Miller lately?

Yeah, us too.

What we need?  Is a Numbered List.  So!


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1   Uncle Hugo’s is offering signed copies of the hardcover edition of Trader’s Leap, the 23rd novel set in the Liaden Universe® created and authored by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.  You may preorder by clicking this link.

1a  You may also preorder (unsigned copies of) Trader’s Leap from your favorite bookstore, but!  you may not preorder the ebook.  This is the way it always is.  The ebook edition will be available for download on publication day: December 1, 2020.

2   Offworld Designs is having a sale!  50% off Liaden shirts and t-shirts.  The prices on the catalog page are already marked down, so you know what you’re spending before you get to the checkout.  You can take advantage of the sale by clicking this link.

3   Baen books is having a sale on Liaden ebooks.  Go the ebook vendor of your choice (including and fill in any holes you may have in your Liaden Universe® ebook collection.  See the promo for this event by clicking this link.

4  The mass market edition of Accepting the Lance, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, the 22nd Liaden Universe® novel, was published on October 27, and is available from your favorite bookstore.

5   The Wrong Lance, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, being the false start to the novel that became Accepting the Lance was also published on October 27, and is available at your favorite ebook vendor.

6   The paper copy of The Wrong Lance is available only from Amazon.  You may purchase it by clicking this link.

7   Ambient Conditions: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 31 is now available for pre-order from Amazon, Apple, and Kobo (other vendors will be along shortly, so keep checking in at your favorite ebookstore).  This chapbook will publish on November 27.  It includes reprint “A Visit to the Galaxy Ballroom,” title story “Ambient Conditions,” original to this book, and an authors’ foreword.

7a  Ambient Conditions will be available from Baen on its publication date, November 27.

7b  The paper edition of Ambient Conditions will be available on or near November 27 from Amazon, only.

8   A new splinter has been posted to  “Cheese it, the cops!”  You may read the splinter by clicking this link.

9   Lee and Miller will be reading from Trader’s Leap and talking trash in a virtual event being held by Mysterious Galaxy on December 2 at 7 pm.  You must sign up for this event beforehand.  Instructions may be found at this link.  Do remember that Mysterious Galaxy keeps Pacific Time.  7 pm PT is 10 pm Eastern Time.  Plan accordingly.

10  “Preferred Seating,” a story in support of Trader’s Leap, will automagically appear at in mid-November.  This story will be free for everyone to read.

Phew.  I think that’s everything.  Please feel free to point friends who may also be confused to this blog post.


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