Of pre-orders, Kickstarters, and author events

This is your Friendly Reminder that you may pre-order signed (but not personalized) copies of Trader’s Leap, the twenty-third volume in Sharon Lee and Steve Miller’s Liaden Universe® from Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore.  Here’s your link.

Those who are so minded may purchase the eARC of Trader’s Leap right now, directly from Baen.  Here’s your link.

If you’re on the fence about the whole Trader’s Leap thing, you may read sample chapters starting here.


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Also available for pre-order at all of the Usual Suspects is the ebook edition of The Wrong Lance, which was previously published at Splinter Universe and at the Lee-and-Miller Patreon page.  I’m going to do y’all the honor of assuming that you know how to find your favorite electronic bookstore and not pile up a long line of links here.  Baen will be offering this title for sale electronically, as well, starting on October 27.  Also, for those who favor paper — there will be a paper edition of The Wrong Lance, but that edition will not be available for order until-or-pretty-near-to October 27, for Reasons of Amazon.

Lawrence M. Schoen is sponsoring a Kickstarter to publish Eating Authors:  100 Writers’ Most Memorable Meals.  I have an essay in this volume, as do 99 other authors you know or should know.  Fifty percent of the profits from the sale of this volume will be donated to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Emergency Medical Fund, and 50% will be donated to cancer research.  If you would like to support this effort, here’s your link.

On December 2, at 7 pm PT, Steve and I will be doing a Virtual Event “at” Mysterious Galaxy.  We’ll be reading from Trader’s Leap, and chatting with attendees.  Please note that is 7 pm Pacific Time, which is 10 pm Eastern.  Please check your time zone carefully.  Here’s your link to the event information.


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