Carpe Diem Book Day!

Y’all know what today is, right?


It’s Book Day! Carpe Diem by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller in an all-new paperback edition, with brand-new cover art by David Mattingly!


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Carpe Diem was the third Liaden Universe® novel EVER published, appearing. . .

First! as a Del Rey mass market original in October 1989, cover art by Stephen Hickman.

Second! as part of the three-novel compilation, Partners in Necessity, in February 2000, cover art by Michael Herring.

Third! as a mass market from Ace Books, in February 2003, cover art by Michael Herring.

Fourth! as part of two-novel compilation, The Agent Gambit, from Baen Books, in January 2011, cover art by Alan Pollack.

Fifth! as a mass market paperback from Baen Books, today, February 25 2020, cover art by David Mattingly.

That’s 31 years of active publishing life, which is pretty dern amazing.

So! Let’s raise a glass to Carpe Diem!

On a related note — today’s publication of Carpe Diem means that the First Three Books, which is All The Liaden there was for seven-or-ten years (depending on if Steve’s counting or I am) are all in print in the same format, and in stores, now. So this is the perfect time to do needy friends a favor and introduce them to Val Con, Miri, Edger, Shan, Priscilla, Mrs. Trelu, Hakan, Kem, and all the rest of the people who live in: Agent of Change, Conflict of Honors, and Carpe Diem.

Ah, Book Day! Always exciting. Even after so many years.

4 comments to Carpe Diem Book Day!

  • Tina Loflin  says:

    I just finished CARPE DIEM…what next?? What’s the next book? Where do Val Con and Miri go next?
    Where can I find the next book?
    It took me weeks to get CARPE DIEM. I want to get the next book… what’s it’s title?
    Thank you for your time and help.
    By the way, did the Rainbow and their bond do away with most of the harm the Loop did to Val Con??
    Peace, Tina

    Book Hunter…
    Q. What do you use for hunting books?
    A. A quill and a will!!

    • Sharon  says:

      …Well, yanno…

      If you look over at the sidebar, you’ll see a box entitled OUR DIRECTORY. Scan down the list until you find CORRECT READING ORDER, and WHICH BOOK IS WHICH. These pages will give you all the guidance you need.

      Or, you could Google “Liaden Universe in order.”

      There are many ways to find these things out — and the authors are not necessarily your best source, since sometimes we’re writing and don’t open our mail for weeks and weeks.

  • Debra Cornish  says:

    Just finished Accepting the Lance, kindle edition. Just want to say a huge thanks to Lee and Miller for the time and effort you put into these beautifully crafted stories. I keep books I really enjoy and reread them. I have – prolly – been through all the novels 5 or 6 times so thank-you for the many, many hours of engaging entertainment.

  • Woody  says:

    Wow! I currently own the 1st, 2nd and 4th editions, so I don’t think I’ll buy it again. The Meisha Merlin editions took months to arrive, I had to special order them a they took forever. I even have the hand published chapbooks around somewhere.
    I just finished rereading the entire series while I’m stuck in my house with this damn plague. They’re just as enjoyable today as they were the first and fifteenth time. Waiting with anticipation for Jethri’s next adventure.
    THANK YOU very much

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