Important Announcement RE Boskone

SHORT FORM: Sharon and Steve will NOT be attending Boskone this year; nor will they be taking part of the festivities at NarniaCon. We’re very sorry, and we will miss everyone.
LONG FORM: In this week’s Medical Lottery, Sharon won a biopsy at the Bangor Cancer Center on February 12. Those who have been following along at home will recall that Sharon also has a Stupid Immune System. Because of the uncertainty surrounding the results of the biopsy, she wishes to stay as healthy as she physically can be, should she need to return to the Cancer Center for an intervention. Conventions are notoriously germ-filled, and she has chosen not to risk contracting con crud, or – worse – this year’s version of the flu.
Steve has chosen to stay home with Sharon rather than attend the convention, where he might contract a Dread Disease, and bring it home.
We ARE very sorry, and we WILL miss everyone, but –
Necessity Is.

6 comments to Important Announcement RE Boskone

  • John Cockerill  says:

    Steve, Sharon
    Fully understand and you will be missed. Be healthy and well.
    All the best

  • Derek Tattersall  says:

    Oh dear. I hope it all turns out well for you.

    Get well soon.

  • Phyllis Shute  says:

    A very wise decision of you my 2 favorite authors . This might b of interest

  • Christine Musselman  says:

    Sharon, sending my good thoughts and wishes for a good diagnosis and good health.
    I have all your novels and chap books.You two are my favorite authors. Wish a movie could be made out of Partners in Necessity, Plan B and I Dare. Also the Crystal Duology and Pilots Choice. I am in verymost ernest.

  • Chris Robbins  says:

    sending you best wishes for health & strength. and happines. i love your books!

  • Jens Sorensen  says:

    Having just watched my wife run the gauntlet, fighting both big “c” and the medical system, I understand your necessity! Never miss a chance to sleep/nap. As “Christine Musselman says:
    Sharon, sending my good thoughts and wishes for a good diagnosis and good health.” All best to you both, and thank you for the many days of escape and enjoyment your stories have given me. Your Fan, Jens Sorensen

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