3 comments to Thank You All!

  • Phillips W Nelson  says:

    Thanks for your great stories. I’ve been reading Scifi & Fantasy for over 60 years now & still love it. My wife brought me home a copy of Partners in Necessity frorm the library many years ago (I’ve worn out 2 copy of it reading it over & over). Can’t wait for the next installment. My best to you & the cats.

  • Karen Mansfield  says:

    Thank you so much for writing and sharing with us, your readers!

  • Victoria Quade  says:

    I discovered the Liaden universe through Fledging. Having grown up on Asimov, Norton, Sturgeon, Heinlein, not to mention Zenna Henderson, Alexei Panshin and more, I have a soft spot for kid adult scifi. Imagine my delight to find there was so much more from you both. I think I’m now on my fourth re-read of some. Thank you so much for never giving up – you are an inspiration.

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