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  • Phillips W Nelson  says:

    Thanks for your great stories. I’ve been reading Scifi & Fantasy for over 60 years now & still love it. My wife brought me home a copy of Partners in Necessity frorm the library many years ago (I’ve worn out 2 copy of it reading it over & over). Can’t wait for the next installment. My best to you & the cats.

  • Karen Mansfield  says:

    Thank you so much for writing and sharing with us, your readers!

  • Victoria Quade  says:

    I discovered the Liaden universe through Fledging. Having grown up on Asimov, Norton, Sturgeon, Heinlein, not to mention Zenna Henderson, Alexei Panshin and more, I have a soft spot for kid adult scifi. Imagine my delight to find there was so much more from you both. I think I’m now on my fourth re-read of some. Thank you so much for never giving up – you are an inspiration.

  • Kathleen Lynch  says:

    Obviously those authors brought you up well! The proof? You are one of the Liaden crew!

  • Sami Sillanpaa  says:

    I don’t quite remember when I first picked up Agent of Change, but it must have been some time between 2001 and 2003, when I was in middle school. I’ve read it, as well as Carper Diem, Plan B, and I Dare, so many times since that I can’t even estimate it, and that first read-through has completely disappeared from my memory, but the impact of those reads has been lasting. My sense of humor, approach to relationships, and oddly enough, diction have all been irrevocably changed (for the better in my opinion, though there are those who disagree at least with the humor bit) by those novels.

    I didn’t pick up Conflict of Honors until high school, probably around 2006 or so, I read Crystal Soldier soon after release, and Crystal Dragon as soon as it came out in trade paperback. It wasn’t until I was in college and found the Dragon Variation omnibus that I got to experience Scout’s Progress, which, along with Mouse and Dragon, is probably my favorite story in the Liaden Universe (I just love Daav and Aellianna so, so much), but after that I’ve been purchasing your novels as soon as they are released as eARCs, and then again as hard cover or trade paperbacks, and most of them I now own as audio books as well.

    Oh, and your short stories! Many of them are some of my favorite things to reread, and I lament the loss of the planned Lute/Moonhawk books, though I’m eagerly waiting to discover more about how those two will come to further influence the lives of Shan and Priscilla. My favorite short stories tend to be ones where we see an event from the novels from another character’s perspective, and get to either understand how they ended up at that point in the story, or what happened to them after.

    Thank you so much for the stories, and be assured that I for one will be there as an attentive audience whenever you put out a new story in any format.

  • John Cockerill  says:

    Sharon, Steve
    And many times thank you for hours of delightful reading and rereading of lots of your stories. I came to them reading Agent of Change in the late 1980’s and stayed with you and them every since. I was recently rereading some with Joy and came across a copy of The Tomorrow Log buried deep in my bookcase. It was worth reading again. I looked for Web of the Trident mentioned in the back cover and was sad to read that it was never published and then read on your website that you had decided not to continue.

    I’m sure there were good reasons for doing so. I’m sure that both the other fans and I would be interested in know why. And if there was anything we could do to persuade you to pick up the pen/computer again on this story.

    I ask that you reconsider this. Clearly, you’d outlined the story, the characters, and that portion of the universe and its workings. The plot is set and we your fans are left hanging . . . Please do let us know. Even if it was only published in an eFormat for you fan base we’d all love it, I’m sure.

    Thank you and may you both have many more stories in you.
    John Cockerill

  • Mary Carney  says:

    Starting with “Conflict of Honors” in the ’80s,I have remained mesmerized by the organic growth of the lives and strengthening of Korval Entire – Priscilla & Shan, Val Con & Miri, Aelliana & Daav, and now Nora, Kareen and Kameli, Quin, Padi Syl Vor and Luken, as well as Theo. I read, and reread still for that “something” that infuses the arc and offers me deeper insight into ways of being, speaking and acting in the world. (I, too, believe that “Scout’s Progress” rates #1 in my hierarchy, with “Conflict of Honors”, “Plan B” and “I Dare” running simultaneous seconds. Having just finished “The Gathering Edge” (4th time already) my nerves quiver in impatient anticipation of at last getting my hands on the paperback “Neogenesis. My deeply hoping for a “full circle” arc (from M-Strain Jela and Jalentyre’s Cantra genetics) to Val Con and Miri becoming the “established external power” sought by the Xtrang Ambassador (pg 211 of Gathering Edge), buttressed by Nelirik, Rifle, Hazenthull, Chernak and Stost – which gathers the “failing” X-strain survivors and reinvigorates them into the protectors and defenders of the Liaden universe they were intended to be. Somewhere in there Rys and his team successfully subvert and command the Department of the Interior, reclaiming and/or directing the remaining scattered operatives into into additional disciplined positive forces in the universe to be “reclaimed” one by one. Daav amd Aelliana return and become another guiding force in these affairs … and, if the ancient “Enemy” dares encroach upon this Universe, we have Ren Zel (surely a lost genetic descendent of Miri’s family) – star-lines walker and Master – along with Anthora helping vanquish it forever from along the starlines. I may be wrong, of course, but having also been a devoted follower of Lois McMaster Bujold, her completion of the Barryaran story-arc with the deeply satisfying “Gentleman Joule and the Red Queen”, I expect nothing less from you – even as you leave room for branching further into the stories the Liaden Universe continues to offer as it expands. Thank you for so enriching my life so deeply over the last 30+ years!

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