Day Four Winner

The winner of the fourth of an original seven MP3 editions of Dragon in Exile by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller is, I kid you not!

Number 42, Steph Leif of San Diego, California!

Can I get a hearty round of applause for the lucky winner, please!

So! The arithmetically adept among you will have deduced that there are only three of these wonderful talking books left to give away.


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You want one.  You know you want one.  And the only chance you have is by throwing your name into the metaphorical Liaden chapeau.

Where is this stylish head covering located, you ask?  How can I enter my name?

Here are the rules.  Read the rules.  Understand the rules.  Become One with the rules.  Do not second-guess the rules or believe that you know better than the rules.

Everybody good?


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