Alliance of Equals eARC

The electronic advance reading copy (aka, the one with the (most) mistakes in it) of Alliance of Equals, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, the 19th novel-length adventure in the Liaden Universe®!

. . .is now available for sale via download.

Here’s your link

I trust you all know what to do.

Art by David Mattingly

Art by David Mattingly

3 comments to Alliance of Equals eARC

  • Mariam  says:

    Love your books! Had been checking the baen site fairly often to see if the arc was available… Found this website, and the first thing I saw was this announcement. Thank you! I am now going to leave the Internet and read.

  • Lorenz  says:

    Thanks for writing this!
    Now I can’t await the next installment. Is there any chance to subscribe to an AeARC-program (those with more errors)?

  • Thomas Bätzler  says:

    Two days in and I’ve already finished the book. Now it’s back to waiting for the next one again 😉

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