And the winner is!

Jennifer McGaffey and Lt. Colonel Michael P. Anderson give the Dragon a hand in Spokane.  Jennifer will be awarded a coupon for a free Baen ebook of her choice.

Jennifer McGaffey: I and Lt Col Anderson, at Sasquan, doin' it like a delm.

Jennifer McGaffey: I and Lt Col Anderson, at Sasquan, doin’ it like a delm.

You may view all the entries for Week One by clicking this link.

Thanks to everyone who rose to the challenge last week, and showed their Inner Delm.  The next challenge period begins tomorrow, Monday, August 24, when we hope to see you Doing It Like A Delm.


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Challenge rules may be found by clicking this link.

2 comments to And the winner is!

  • Marti Panikkarr  says:

    Congratulations, Jennifer!

  • Jennifer McGaffey  says:

    Oh, cool! Thanks!

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