Lee and Miller at Boothbay Harbor Saturday July 12

So, where are you going to be next Saturday?

We’re going to be hanging with the cool kids in Boothbay Harbor.

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4 comments to Lee and Miller at Boothbay Harbor Saturday July 12

  • Bonnie Henderson  says:

    I love the TOMORROW LOG. Why hasn’t THE WEB OF THE TRIDENT been released/published? It was assigned an ISBN and the release date of 2007. With all this re-releasing of Liaden books, I think Anjemalti deserves a chance to finish his story, or at least take the next steps. Please fill me and the rest of your fans in on this dilemma.
    P.S. Thanks for all of the adventures of Clan Korval.

    • Sharon  says:

      We have answered this question manymanymany times. The short answer is: The book was never written. At this point, given that we’re under contract for five Liaden books, and given all the. . .bad karma surrounding Web, including the publisher imploding on us, and the precarious financial state that implosion created for our household, it will probably never be written.

      Thank you for your support.

  • Coralee B  says:

    Just came across this review and thought you may be interested:

    Kind regards from a long time fan in Melbourne, Australia who loves to see both of you getting greater recognition!

    • Sharon  says:

      We hadn’t seen it; thank you so much for pointing it out.

      That’s a really great review — not just because Carrie loved the book, but because she explains so clearly the differences between a “romance plot” and a plot that incorporates romance. Well done!

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