It’s Official



Finalist stickerNecessity's Child cover

2 comments to It’s Official

  • Irene  says:

    Wow! Congratulations! I know I enjoyed Necessity’s Child and am not surprised others have also. Again, congratulations. Irene

  • Emily  says:

    I bow in awe of your talent as creators-of-worlds. I am not a long time fan as I only recently stumbled upon your work.
    However, after reading one book in the Liaden universe, I was quite captured and have now read most of those barring the crystal books in under two weeks.
    You are masters of your craft and have enthralled my imagination. And as such I understand that spoilers to the coming stories are not on offer.
    However I would beg of you to answer my curiosity if a theory of mine is correct.
    Well perhaps theory is incorrect. Rather it may be a speculation.
    My guess is that Jethri and Miandra will become entangled as lifemates as they come more fully into their own, but I wondered…will Meicha become partnered to Tan Sim?

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