Monday at noon we posted a new Liaden story

While we’re working on  the still untitled first-of-five Liaden novels under contract we’re still watching — and experiencing! — as the rest of the Liaden Universe expands.

If you haven’t bookmarked and checked on Splinter Universe you may want to go there and do that, because — well, see this: “Code of Honor” is up now.

The site itself is at


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One comment to Monday at noon we posted a new Liaden story

  • catherine muir  says:

    on minus side, yet another character whose full length book I would buy but can’t yet, but on the plus side, at this rate by the end of the year between splinterverse and the free baen stories, you’ll have written the next Constellation collection and I can get that …… ebooks are okay but you can’t hand them to your friends and say, you’ve got to read this.

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