Author appearance in November — PhilCon 2014

This just in — more details as we have them.

This year’s iteration of the world’s oldest ongoing SF convention will take place November 21 to 23, 2014 & will feature Steve Miller and Sharon Lee as Principal Speakers in Cherry Hill, NJ. Along with dozens of other well-known writers, artists, filkers, and fans they’ll bring lots of literary fun to the outskirts of Philadelphia the weekend before Thanksgiving. See you at Philcon 2014?

2 thoughts on “Author appearance in November — PhilCon 2014

    • Sharon — a new book is a bit away. We’re working on a five book contract and the next book will be turned in to Baen toward fall or a little later. So that would appear next year, but when we aren;t sure. In the meantime, have you visited Splinter Universe? We have some fresh Liaden stories over there.

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