New Liaden story, and where to find us and our stories, this summer

We’ve published a new Liaden Universe® story over at the Splinter Universe site — look for “Roving Gambler” along with other splinters and stories. We’ll be updating that site more regularly now — watch for some spoken word reprises of older (non-Liaden) Lee & Miller fiction starting soon.  You can help support these efforts — you’ll see donation buttons on the stories and in the margins there.

Coming up this summer, Lee & Miller will be attending DetCon 1 — this years NASFIC or North American Science Fiction Convention. That’ll be in July, and we expect to have an evening Liaden party, autograph, have Friends of Liad breakfast, and read from works in progress — as well as be on panels and wander the wonders of the convention. Our Splinter Universe site helps support our travel to meet fans around the US.

Meanwhile, if you’ve got questions or think you may have missed a story, there are two sites to check out. One is the Liaden Universe® Wiki, a fan organized and run site with all kinds of Liaden information. If you want to get answers to mysteries, or to help solve questions for others, that’s a great place to visit. The other place is Pinbeam Books, where there’s a list of the available Lee & Miller chapbook releases in ebook format. We don;t sell from that site — but it tells you what’s available and where to get it — Amazon, B&N/Nook, or Smashwords.


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