Free ebooks — Agent of Change and Fledging

We’ve been remiss in reporting here the news that both Agent of Change and Fledgling are now available as free downloads from most major sources including Baen Books and Amazon. We’d been thinking about this for some time since so many of our readers and fans have reported that their introduction was a loaned or free copy of a Liaden book. Now you can have copies of these two Liaden Universe® novels for your own ebook or point your ebook-reading friends toward them – for free!

At Baen, find Agent of Change here in the ebook section: and you can find Fledgling here for the free book:

At’s Kindle Store, see Agent of Change at: and you’ll find Fledgling here —


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3 comments to Free ebooks — Agent of Change and Fledging

  • John Cockerill  says:

    Agent of Change (AOC) was my first introduction to the Liaden. I’ve often wondered why none of the following books followed up with the ending in AOC. Loverly that they made planetfall and we thought to be ‘lost’. However Edger and the Clutch would be along within a decade or two. Surely these characters could get an extension. Edger and the Clutch for sure are worth extending for a novel or two more. Loved they slow no waste approach to all.

    I don’t recall reading or even know about Fledgling. Thanks for the gift. I will download and read with interest.

  • Brian Bilbrey  says:

    Your experiment in “free” is, I hope, paying off for you. I know it is for me! I read Agent of Change and half of Fledgling (from the Baen Free Library) before I knew I had to have more … tonight I bought both “Collection” ebooks direct from Baen. Thanks for your writing, and while I don’t know how I’ve missed reading y’all for all these years, I’m happy to be playing catch-up. Your universe feels to me to be a tasty blend of Doc Smith and Heinlein, with a bit of Aspirin and Abbey mixed in for flavour.

    Be well,


  • Ella Lucero  says:

    thanks admin
    for sharing this ebook

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