Necessity’s Child Release Day!

Today! is the Official Release Day* for Necessity’s Child by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.

Final cover Necessity’s Child
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Art by David B. Mattingly

If you’re new to the Liaden Universe® — or if you’re an old-timer who’s on the fence about buying a “side book” — you may, if you like, read the first nine chapters, free, right here at the Baen webiste.

Necessity’s Child hardcover is available from your favorite bookstore, and also from these fine vendors:


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Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore
And! in audiobook format from


*Yes, yes; I know some of you read it months ago.  You may dance, too!  No, really; I insist.

4 thoughts on “Necessity’s Child Release Day!

  1. Please consider having your material available on Kobo. It’s frustrating that us Canadians can’t read much of your stuff.

    Also, your latest collection is selling at 3$ per episode which is not very competitive.

  2. I agree with Steven, you can’t even buy Conflict of Honors on Kindle. You need to make them more accessible.

    • Well. . .If you had been paying attention, then you would have known that you’ve been able to download every single novel ever written in the Liaden Universe(R) from Baen Books, in the format of your choice, for years. Here’s the link:

      You may, alternatively, buy Conflict of Honors from Amazon by purchasing the omnibus edition The Dragon Variation.

      TIP: Coming to an author website and telling them what they “need to do” is a really good way to make the author angry at you.

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