Dragon Ship is out in hardcover, ebook, and audio book ….

From Steve:

This is the kind of day young writers sending out their first story dream of — the day down the road when the world takes notice, when there’s a whole lot going, when in addition to a few awards sprinkled among the time, there are books, books for people to read, books people can suggest to their friends, lots of books. And so I’m pleased and I admit it. As usual there’s a glitch or two — the master link to see our books in one spot as The Liaden Universe at Audible hasn’t been switched on yet — but hey, that’s minor.

Here’s a listing of the The Liaden Universe® series as being issued by Audible:


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The Books of Before Sequence:  Crystal Soldier, Crystal Dragon, Balance of Trade

The Space Regencies Sequence:  Local Custom, Scout’s Progress,
Mouse and Dragon

The Agent of Change Sequence:  Agent of Change, Conflict of Honors,
Carpe Diem, Plan B, I Dare

The Theo Wailtley Sequence:  Fledgling, Saltation, Ghost Ship, Dragon Ship

Here’s the link to the Liaden Universe® landing page at Audible.

Dragon Ship hardcover is available from all major and independent bookstores….TODAY.