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You can find Lee and Miller books at bookstores of all kinds, all around the world.  If you have a favorite bookstore, we encourage you to shop there and show them your support.  The links below are provided for the convenience of those who may not have a favorite bookstore, or who simply find shopping online to be more convenient than going out into the world.  We, the authors, earn the exact same royalty on each book sale, from legitimate sources.  We don’t, naturally, receive any royalties from books downloaded from pirate sites, even the ones that charge you money.

All that said, the lists below concern themselves with five vendors, and one catalog:  Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore in Minneapolis, which ships worldwide and has supported the Lee-and-Miller writing career even when we didn’t have one; Baen EBooks, the ebook arm of our publisher; Barnes and Noble; Amazon; Audible; and Pinbeam Books.

What you need to know about these vendors is this:


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1.  Uncle Hugo’s sells paper books only

2.  Obviously, Baen EBooks sells ebooks only, but!  It sells ebooks that are DRM-free (that means you can read them in the reader of your choice, on multiple devices, and lend them to a friend, if you’d like), and it sells ebooks in every format known to man:  epub (Nook); mobi (Kindle); Palm, Stanza, Sony LRF, Rocketbook, RTF, MS Reader, HTML and/or you may read online — and probably some that we’re forgetting.

3.  Audible has published audiobooks of all the Liaden Universe® novels to date as well as The Tomorrow Log, and also Carousel Tides, Carousel Sun, and Carousel Seas, by Sharon Lee.

4.  Pinbeam Books is us — Steve Miller and Sharon Lee.  It’s a catalog of all our self-published ebooks, with buy links to Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Smashwords.

Everybody confused now?  Great, here we go!

Where to Buy Books by Lee and Miller

First, an easy one.  Here’s your link to the Uncle Hugo’s catalog page of all Lee-and-Miller paper books in stock.  Did we mention that some of those in-stock books are signed by the authors?

Another easy one.  Here’s your link to the Baen EBooks Lee and Miller catalog.  And!  Here’s your link to the Baen EBooks Sharon Lee catalog.

Third easy one.  Here’s your link to the Audible Liaden Universe® catalog.  And!
Here’s your link to the Audible page for Necessity’s Child, which is a Liaden Universe® novel, despite having no place on the catalog page.  And!
Here’s your link to The Tomorrow Log.  And!
Here’s your link to Carousel Tides. . .
. . .your link to Carousel Sun. . .
. . .aaaand your link to Carousel Seas

Lee and Miller books are also available at Kobo, iBooks, and other fine emporiums.

Liaden Universe® Novels (space opera)
For a discussion of the “proper” reading order of the Liaden Universe® novels,
please see this page.

Omnibus editions:
These four volumes include the entire Liaden Universe® backlist: 10 books for the price of four — such a deal.

The Dragon Variation, Baen, June 2010 (includes three full-length novels: Local Custom, Scout’s Progress, Conflict of Honors)
Paper Books:  | BN |      |Amazon|
Ebooks:           | BN |      |Amazon|

The Agent Gambit, Baen, January 2011 (includes two full-length novels: Agent of Change, Carpe Diem)
Paper Books: | BN |      |Amazon|
Ebooks:          | BN |      |Amazon|

Korval’s Game, Baen, May 2011 (includes two full length novels: Plan B, I Dare)
Paper Books: | BN |      |Amazon|
Ebooks:          | BN |      |Amazon|

The Crystal Variation, Baen, September 2011 (includes three full length novels: Crystal Soldier, Crystal Dragon, Balance of Trade)
Paper Books: | BN |      |Amazon|
Ebooks:          | BN |      |Amazon|


Liaden novels featuring Theo Waitley:

Fledgling, Baen, September 2009
Paper Books: | BN |      |Amazon|
Ebooks:          | BN |      |Amazon|

Saltation, Baen, April 2010
Paper Books: | BN |      |Amazon|
Ebooks:          | BN |      |Amazon|

Ghost Ship, Baen, August 2011
Paper Books: | BN |      |Amazon|
Ebooks:          | BN |      |Amazon|

Dragon Ship, Baen, September 2012
Paper Books: | BN |      |Amazon|
Ebooks:          | BN |      |Amazon|

The Gathering Edge, Baen, May 2017
Paper Books:  | BN |      |Amazon|
Ebooks:           | BN |      |Amazon|


Other Liaden novels:

Mouse & Dragon (sequel to Scout’s Progress), Baen, June 2010
Paper Books: | BN |      |Amazon|
Ebooks:          | BN |      |Amazon|

Necessity’s Child, Baen, February 2013
Paper Books: | BN |      |Amazon|
Ebooks:          | BN |      |Amazon|

Trade Secret (sequel to Balance of Trade), Baen, November 2013
Paper Books: | BN |      |Amazon|
Ebooks:          | BN |      |Amazon|

Dragon in Exile (sequel to Dragon Ship, and I Dare),  Baen, June 2015
Paper Books: | BN |      |Amazon|
Ebooks:          | BN |      |Amazon|

Alliance of Equals (sequel to Dragon in Exile), Baen, May 2016
Paper Books: | BN |      |Amazon|
Ebooks:          | BN |      |Amazon|

Neogenesis (sequel to Dragon in Exile, Alliance of Equals, The Gathering Edge), Baen, January 2018
Paper Books: | BN |      |Amazon|
Ebooks:          | BN |      |Amazon|


Short story collections:
(for information on which short stories appear in what chapbook, former collection, &c, click this link)

A Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume I
Paper Books: | BN |      |Amazon|
Ebooks:          | BN |      |Amazon|

A Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume II
Paper Books: | BN |      |Amazon|
Ebooks:          | BN |      |Amazon|

A Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume III
Paper Books: | BN |      |Amazon|
Ebooks:          | BN |      |Amazon|


The Fey Duology (dark fantasy)

Duainfey, Baen, September 2008
Paper Books: | BN |      |Amazon|
Ebooks:          | BN |      |Amazon|

Longeye, Baen, April 2009
Paper Books: | BN |      |Amazon|
Ebooks:          | BN |      |Amazon|


Other Space Opera

The Tomorrow Log, Embiid, Meisha Merlin, February 2003
Out of print in print
Ebooks:          | BN |      |Amazon|

Sword of Orion,  Phobos Books, October 2005
Paper Books: | BN |      |Amazon|
No ebook edition of this work was published


Sharon Lee’s Maine Novels

Barnburner, SRM Publisher, 2002.
Paper Books: | Lulu |
Ebooks:          | BN |      |Amazon|

Gunshy, SRM Publisher, 2006.
Paper Books: | Lulu |
Ebooks: | BN |      |Amazon|

Carousel Tides, Baen, October 2010
Paper Books: | BN |      |Amazon|
Ebooks:          | BN |      |Amazon|

Carousel Sun, Baen, February 2014
Paper Books: | BN |      |Amazon|
Ebooks:          | BN |      |Amazon|

Carousel Seas, Baen, January 2015
Paper Books: | BN |      |Amazon|
Ebooks:          | BN |      |Amazon|


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38 thoughts on “Lee and Miller handy clickable catalog of books

  1. When will he next book after Dragon Ship be coming out ? And pls sign me back up for your infodump or other ongoing info on your books & activities.


  2. Shan and Surebleak is the next best thing to Theo, please hurry !!!!
    And Thanks for all the Liaden books !!!!

  3. Dear Sharon Lee:
    Sword of Orion is labeled as being Book 1 of a series. When do you think you will be putting out book 2? Or is it permanently on hold?
    Thank you,.

  4. Delighted to hear of the ” Shan and Surebleak” coming book. I really enjoyed “Necessities Child” and the insight into well loved, long known characters and meeting not only new characters but whole new societies.
    Please, as eager as I am to get my hands of your books, do not push yourselves any harder that work requires you to do so. I like to think you both enjoy your writing as much as we enjoy the reading

  5. Having just recently discovered your books, (through Baen’s Free Library, naturally) I wish to thank you for the clarity and comprehensiveness of this list. It was very useful. Read: now I know the order I want to buy them in 😀

  6. Did I miss it, or did you only mention Balance of Trade in passing without putting it on any specific list. I consider this and Necessity’s Child to be really good YA books and often recommend them. I haven’t yet read Trade Secret or Sword of Orion.

  7. Well. . .It’s right there in The Crystal Variation, along with Crystal Soldier and Crystal Dragon. The above is not a list of lists; it’s a list of the format in which the books are available right now. Balance of Trade has been collected into an omnibus edition, so. . .

    Thank you for reading.

  8. I love Korval / Liaden universe, it’s many characters, and connections to other characters. Have found your continuity between generations, between eras, and just in the mini-series(multiple), is exceptional. Your beta-readers must read previous books to prep for the new one, and read EVERY SINGLE WORD! Because I haven’t found any big ugly-spots! Joy to read these!

  9. I have been reading your Liad series since the beginning when it was hard to find them, before Amazon, and e-readers(still don’t have). I have probably reread every book 4-5 times. This world that you have created is so wonderful and addictive. These characters seem so real. Keep up the good work and we’ll all keep reading. I love all the cats in them as I currently have a cat in front of my keyboard as I type this, purring, and not letting me move him out of the way – it’s his house and desk, after all.

  10. Will there be a sequel to The Tomorrow Log? Gem ser’Edreth went through too much adversity to just die on the vine.

  11. Which book tells of the clans arrival on Surebleak after leaving Liad..Thanks much..Have been reading the Liad books since I owned a Used and Rare book store
    for 20 years…. sold the first 3 over and over … certainly was glad when the new
    books started coming… had a few customers who were very unhappy about the long
    wait. Had to give my store away to take care of my husband with Lou Gehrigs. So I
    was out of the loop awhile. Thanks for your writing …very well done .

    • Which book tells of the clans arrival on Surebleak after leaving Liad

      Well. . .Ghost Ship has bits; and Dragon Ship; Necessity’s Child entirely takes place on Surebleak; the upcoming Dragon in Exile takes place on Surebleak. No single book, sorry. That’s the problem with writing a braided narrative.

  12. Please keep Clan Korval coming. I have been a quiet fan since discovering Pilots Choice in the 90s and have all the chap books and most of the hardcopy novels to date. Have only just discovered Liad’s e-presence. Will those e-only novels eventually make it to hardcopy? Very old fashioned I know, but it’s so frustrating to have to stop reading every time my tablet needs recharging – never a problem with paper, and well worth the uber-exorbitant postage to the antipodes!
    Many thanks for your diligence, imagination and attention to detail. All that hard work is well appreciated.

    • Hi, Mary.

      The only “e-only” novels I know of in the Lee-and-Miller body of work are The Tomorrow Log, and the two mystery novels set in Wimsey, Maine, Barnburner and Gunshy. To my knowledge, all of the Liaden Universe(R) novels are available in paper, as ebooks, and as audiobooks.

      There were some e-only chapbooks (i.e. short works, not novels), but, as of August 2015, Baen will have solve that problem for you, too, by publishing the third Liaden Universe(R) Constellation.

      Hope that helps; and thanks for reading.

      • Oh yes indeed. No guessing what’s just made my to do list (wish lists are too wishy washy for Korval, or for that matter, anything Liaden! ).
        By the way, I heartily endorse the previous comment on the great job your beta/proof readers are doing. It is such a pleasure to read a series without contradicting scenes or descriptions, and the accurate use of synonyms and spelling is a bonus.

  13. Thank you very much for your creation of a really interesting place. Is the rifles first wife in constellation 3. I’m not sure where I can find it. Keep up the good work. We all appreciate it.

  14. Is there a sequel to The Tomorrow Log? I thought that I had read about there being one when you were with Meisha Merlin. Am I remembering correctly or is my mind making up wishful fantasies? If there was a sequel will it ever be put out in ebook format? If there was no sequel, will there ever be a chance that you will finish the tale of Gem and Cobinye?
    Thanks for all the all the great stories in the Laden Universe and especially for getting the stories in eBook format, which allows me to carry theses stories with me wherever I go.

    • The sequel to The Tomorrow Log, Web of the Trident, was being written when Meisha Merlin crashed and burned. It was never finished, and honestly, it has so much bad karma from all the. . .difficult things that were going down at the time, that it’s doubtful we’ll finish it. Sorry ’bout that.

  15. I love ALL your books, Korval, Liad or otherwise. Even if the TRIDENT was dipped in bad karma, I hope you will find a way to retrieve it and go forward. Gem, Cobinye and the Telos should be able to overcome past errors and achieve a new future. Thanks for all the times I have read and reread all my Lee and Miller books.

  16. Will we see another Carousel book?

    Yes, things got wrapped up somewhat in the last book, but I DOUBT the Wise are just going to roll over and play dead because a sneaky Prince suckered them so neatly.

    I have to say, I loved all three. My favorite character? Breccie. Dogs have owners. CATS have STAFF.

  17. so im buying these books as a gift – i have not read them (yet)…. what is the difference between liaden universe and adventures in liaden universe? or is 1 an updated series of the other?

    • Welllll…

      The echapbooks (usually two or three short stories, sometimes a novella), when they were being published in paper by SRM Publisher, were “branded” as Adventures in the Liaden Universe(R) Number X, to differentiate them from the other chapbooks SRM published.

      “Liaden Universe(R)” usually refers to the novels, and collections.

      If you’re buying these books as gifts, be careful. Most of the short stories in the Adventures in the Liaden Universe(R) chapbooks have now been collected into three collections by Baen. And! While the entire backlist of novels are in print, the older titles are in omnibus editions.

  18. So far, I have read The Dragon Variation, Mouse and Dragon, and The Agent Gambit. As soon as Korval’s game, The Crystal Variation, and Trade Secret come from Amazon, I’ll read them. (I’ve been checking their progress twice a day for a week.)

    It’d be really helpful if you had links to Amazon.ca on this page, as well as .com.

  19. I know you work really hard, but honestly? I just can’t get enough of the Liaden Universe and others, like the Carousel books and most especially “The Tomorrow Log”. I just reread my collection, ending with that one, and really want to know what happens next to Gem, etc. Please please please, if you can, continue this story?! I love you guys! You and Terry Pratchett are my go-to books…you are amazing!

  20. Your books are amazing I just can not get enough of the Laiden universe
    I have read everything you have written my only wish is that you could write
    faster. Then again its is always easier to read a book than it is to write them.
    Keep up the good work love both of you for your great talent.

  21. I read all your books at least twice; first, I gobble them for the story. Then, I reread for all the little nuances. Delicious.
    Sadly, I read much faster than you can write, so I’m always looking for the next book. I’m an addict, actually.
    Could be worse.

  22. Hi,
    I’m new to the Liaden universe and really like it – within the last year I’ve bought all the novels of the regular series and most of the e-chapbooks the Amazon has. So, I was a bit annoyed to come across the Constellations short story collections. I have half the stories in the e-chapbooks, but not the other five of them. Therefore I’ve already paid for half of them. While I know you make your living this way, I do object to paying for (the ones I already have) twice! Is there anyway to get and pay for only the stories I don’t have?
    There is one story in Constellations 1, called Sweet Waters. Could I get that elsewhere? Also, in this series of messages, there was mention of a story called (I think) Crystal Variation. Where could I find that?
    Last but not least, is there information on the approximate time of each of the stories within the time line of the regular full length books? It can sometimes be a bit confusing!
    Thanks so much!

    • Sorry you’re annoyed. Mostly, unless they say ORIGINAL on the cover, short story collections tend to be reprints. Baen has agreed that they will do better about publishing the table of contents in the next Constellation.

      Since I don’t know what stories you have and what stories you object to having twice, you might be able to sort it out for yourself by going here.

      To the best of my knowledge and belief The Crystal Variation is a collection of novels. Go here to sort that out, too.

      Regarding timelines — some fans have made timelines. They are not official; and I have very mixed feelings about their existence.

  23. Hi Sharon
    huge fan, have read all the Liaden novels and short stories and just finished the Carousel trilogy. I was looking through your back catalogue on Baen and Amazon for more Archers beach stories and found book 5 & 6 but not 1 to 4 could you direct me to where I could find these please?
    Also I have signed up as a patron on Patreon gotta keep those kitties & authors warm & fed. Also your Amazon page intro speaks of aw wizard and cat series of stories , do they exist for purchase also? love a good cat story.
    Thank You

    • Well. . . Since numbering is an obsession with online bookstores, and is the only way we have to keep stories told in the same universe more or less together, we have to number. So! The Carousel books are numbered thus:
      Carousel Tide — Archers Beach Number 1
      Carousel Sun — Archers Beach Number 2
      Carousel Seas — Archers Beach Number 3
      Surfside — Archers Beach Number 4
      The Gift of Magic — Archers Beach Number 5
      Spell Bound — Archers Beach Number 6

      Hope this helps.

  24. Hi,
    Just want to tell you how very much I enjoy your Liaden universe books.
    Love the characters-so detailed they feel real and interesting and make
    me want to reread and remember each event and thought again and again.
    I second what others have said that it is very hard to await upcoming
    books. May you both have the strength to continue your creative work!!!

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