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July 17, 2011
Korval.com has been on the web in one form or another since 1995.  It began as a “practice” html web page entitled Authors of the Liaden Universe.  From that one simple page, it grew, and grew again, then grew some more — in all directions at once.

As you can imagine, the contents of an author-grown website with a core of hand-set html can get…a little unwieldy after 16 years, so we’re rebuilding.  This is something we’ve long intended to do, and had started to do, once or twice, only to have publishing contracts come down, or Life Happen, and interrupt the work.

We still have publishing commitments — three books due to Baen by late summer 2012 — so the upgrade here is going to be slow, but, we hope, steady.  We ask for your patience in advance, and thank you for your interest in our affairs.

While you’re waiting for the paint to dry here, you might want to go over here to read brand-new Liaden story “Intelligent Design”.  While you’re there, check out the Baen front page for news of upcoming books from a multitude of wonderful authors.  For those who have been following the Liaden Universe®, the eBook edition of Ghost Ship is now available from Baen, in multiple formats, all DRM-free.

If you’d like to have news of Steve and Sharon’s doin’s in real life and elsewhere, check out Journeyman, Steve’s Live Journal; Sharon’s website, or her LJ, Eagles Over the Kennebec

If you’re an eBook connoisseur, check out Pinbeam Books, where all of the Liaden Universe® are on offer, DRM-free, from various vendors, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

And!  If you need something to read, or anticipate needing something to read in the future, you might want to take a look at our new project, Splinter Universe.

Thanks again, and see you soon.

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
Authors of the Liaden Universe®

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Site keeping notes

July 18, 2011
Added Ghost Ship banner art, and added three pages: 2011 Releases, The Liaden Universe® World Tour, and Publication Lists
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July 22, 2011
Uploaded new banner made by Steve, and added two pages: Steve Miller Bio and Sharon Lee Bio
Edited to add: Also created a Latest Fliers page, including two pdfs of, of all things, the latest fliers.
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Gifts, Travel, and Writing Going Forth

David Mattingly, creator of the wonderful cover art for Liaden Universe® novels Saltation, Mouse and Dragon, and Ghost Ship sent us an animation of the Ghost Ship cover, which you can see here:  Ghost Ship

This kind gift inspired me to link to all of the artists who have created images for Liaden Universe® novels and stories over the years — check them out over in the sidebar.

* * *

Steve and I have only just now returned from the World Science Fiction Convention in Reno, with a side trip to Minneapolis to sign (lots and lots) of books at Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore.

We have one more trip scheduled this year.  In just two weeks Steve and I, with Phil and Kaja Foglio, Abney Park, and many, many other Very Cool People will be Guests at The Great New England Steampunk Exposition in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.  The Exposition begins on Friday, September 16, and runs through Sunday, September 18.

This promises to be a delightful and awesome experience, so do plan on attending!

Once we return from the Expo, we’ll be sticking very close to home until it’s time to make the trip to Chattanooga, in mid-January.

* * *

In between all this gallivanting around to WorldCons and Steampunk Expos, we have some writing to do.  Rather a lot of writing, as it happens.  Here’s a brief rundown of what’s on our plate:

Dragon Ship — Steve is lead writer on this project, which is the sequel to Ghost Ship

George — Sharon is lead writer on this project, which sorta takes place in a pocket of Ghost Ship. If I do it right, it will be another Portal Book into the Liaden Universe®, joining Agent of Change, Conflict of Honors, Balance of Trade, Local Custom, Fledgling.  An amusing, if not outright terrifying, note:  We had dinner with Madame the Editor at WorldCon, wherein she inquired after “George.”  The die may be cast.

“Guaranteed Delivery” — For the moment, Sharon is lead writer for the original fiction posted on Splinter Universe.  This will change as various deadlines approach and are surpassed.  This particular story, which I hope to post on September 12, concerns  the Ride the Luck courier service.

“The Space at Tinsori Light” — another story destined for Splinter Universe, featuring a yos’Phelium pilot from the Diaries.  Shooting for mid-October posting, though here we’re getting near the delivery deadline for Dragon Ship, and all things give way before a book deadline.

Trade Secret — the sequel to Balance of Trade.  Steve is lead writer on this project.

* * *

In other news, Liaden Universe® story “Intelligent Design” has aged off of the Baen front page and now joins other excellent stories by Patrick Lundrigan, Larry Correia, Travis S. Taylor, and Robert Buettner in the Baen Free Story 2011 Collection, available here.

“Kin Ties,” a Liaden Universe® story concerning a dead man, his wife, and the daughter of an old enemy, is available to be read at Splinter Universe.

. . .and I think that’s all the news that’s fit to print.

Stay healthy and safe, everyone.

–Posted September 3, 2011  by Sharon Lee

Two more books under contract and more news

Baen Books has just extended an offer for two more Liaden books from the authors — those contracts are in the works and should result in new books being turned to Baen in 2018 and 2019. Alas, we’re not sure of the exact publication dates as yet. Those contracts are for books that will not be in the “Five Book Dash” we’re currently in the midst of — we’re (temporarily, at least) calling them the “mask books” since we can’t give you titles and we’re masking what they’ll be about.

In the meantime, readers and fans have been asking for ways to show extra support for our work. In the “old days” of the interwebz several Lee & Miller sites had tip jars … and now, given the frequency of the request, Lee & Miller have joined Patreon, where you can offer a dollar or two — or whatever your limit is — each month to help the authors keep things even between royalty periods. Here’s the Lee & Miller Patreon page!


Dragon in Exile as an ebook, and other news

The kindle edition of Dragon in Exile, the eighteenth novel of the Liaden Universe®, created by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, is now on sale.  Here’s your link.

The arrival of the kindle edition means that reviews are open at Amazon.com.  If you read the eArc, or if you are so moved after you read the eBook, please leave a reader review. Reviews help move the Amazon ranking numbers.

Also, also!  You may, of course, buy Dragon in Exile in every ebook format in the Known Universe from Baen ebooks. So even if you don’t have a kindle, you can still buy the ebook today.  Here’s your link.

And!  For those who may have missed it yesterday, “Chimera,” a Liaden Universe® short story, is available to read for free at Baen.com.  Here’s your link.

Additonally, new chapters of the old and unfinished partial novel we’re calling “Shan and Priscillia Ride Again” are up at splinteruniverse.com

Dragon in Exile loose upon the world, a bestseller

Supported by a well attended East Coast book tour by the authors, Dragon in Exile, the 18th Liaden Universe® novel, was published in hardcover and audio book editions June 2, 2015, and is now available in those formats as well in multiple ebook formats.

After less than a week on sale, Neilsen Bookscan rankings showed Dragon in Exile as the #3 hardback science fiction book during release week, and over-all the #9 SF book in US markets. The mass market edition of Dragon in Exile is set for publication next June, while the next Sharon Lee & Steve Miller release to hit the shelves will be Liaden Universe® Constellation Number Three, due in stores August 4, 2015.

Alliance of Equals, the sequel to Dragon in Exile and the next scheduled Liaden novel, is also slated for publication in the summer of 2016, most likely in July.

Liaden Universe® is a registered trademark of Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Neogenesis, signed or personalized, order by December 10

Don Blyly at Uncle Hugos in Minneapolis has ordered in lots of cartons of Neogenesis, the next Liaden novel. which is due out January 2, 2018. In order to get a personalized copy you’ll need to order from Don soon, with December 10 being the deadline.
Use this link to Uncle Hugos to go directly to the proper page: https://www.unclehugo.com/prod/ah-lee-miller.php
Thanks, we’re warming up the signing pens now!

Neogenesis and Degrees of Separation out, MidSouthCon coming up

January has been a busy month for Friends of Liad, with Neogenesis debuting strongly in hardback (also available as an audiobook and in a kindle edition)  — including reaching the Bookscan bestseller lists — after the January 2 release from Baen and then the new Lee and Miller novella Degrees of Separation, out from Pinbeam, spending several days at #2 on Amazon’s rankings —

#2 in Kindle Store > Kindle Short Reads > Two hours or more (65-100 pages) > Science Fiction & Fantasy

The authors are currently hard at work on the still unnamed next Liaden hardcover, due to be turned in this spring after their visit to Memphis as Guests of Honor at MidSouthCon March 9-11 . 

Later this year plans are for Lee & Miller to travel to WorldCon — that’s WorldCon 76, in San Jose, CA, August 16-20th.