Authors of Liad Publication List

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, Editors
Low Port, Meisha Merlin Publishing, August 2003

Short Fiction
“The Naming of Kinzel: The Foolish” Fantasy Book, June 1984
“The Naming of Kinzel: The Innocent” Fantasy Book, November 1984
“Candlelight” Pulphouse, July 1995
“A Matter of Dreams” A Distant Soil #27, May 1999
“Balance of Trade” Absolute Magnitude #11, Summer 1999
“A Choice of Weapons” Absolute Magnitude #12, Winter 1999
“Naratha’s Shadow” Such a Pretty Face, Meisha Merlin, May 2000
“Changeling” Absolute Magnitude #14, Summer 2000
“Sweet Waters” 3SF, October 2002
“This House” Stars, Janis Ian & Mike Resnick, Editors, DAW, August 2003
“A Night at the Opera” Murder by Magic, Rosemary Edghill, Editor, Warner, October 2004
“Fighting Chance” Women of War, Tanya Huff & Alex Potter, Editors, DAW, July 2005
“Misfits” Jim Baen’s Universe, December 2007
“Intelligent Design,”, July 2011
“Landed Alien,”, August 2012
“Eleutherios,”, January 2013
“Out of True,”, October 2013
“Chimera,”, May 2015
“Wise Child,”, June 2016

Agent of Change, Del Rey Books, February 1988
Conflict of Honors, Del Rey Books, June 1988
Carpe Diem, Del Rey Books, October 1989
Plan B, Meisha Merlin Publishing, February 1999
Pilots Choice (original two-novel omnibus including Local Custom and Scout’s Progress), Meisha Merlin Publishing, February 2001
I Dare, Meisha Merlin Publishing, February 2002
The Tomorrow Log, Meisha Merlin Publishing, February 2003
Balance of Trade, Meisha Merlin Publishing, February 2004
Crystal Soldier, Meisha Merlin Publishing, February 2005
Sword of Orion, Phobos Entertainment LLC, October 2005
Crystal Dragon, Meisha Merlin Publishing, February 2006
Duainfey, Baen, September 2008
Longeye, Baen, April 2009
Fledgling, Baen, September 2009
Saltation, Baen, April 2010
Mouse and Dragon, Baen, June 2010
Ghost Ship, Baen, August 2011
Dragon Ship, Baen, September 2012
Necessity’s Child, Baen, February 2013
Trade Secret, Baen, November 2013
Dragon in Exile, Baen, June 2015
Alliance of Equals, Baen, July 2016
The Gathering Edge, Baen, May 2017

Short Story Collections
A Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume I, Baen, July 2013
A Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume II, Baen, January 2014
A Liaden Universe Constellation, Volume III, Baen, August 2015

Books Under Contract
Five Four as yet untitled Liaden Universe® novels, Baen

Audio Books
Local Custom, Buzzy Multimedia, June 2005
Agent of Change through Dragon Ship, Audible, September 2012
Necessity’s Child, Audible, February 2013
Trade Secret, Audible, November 2013
The Tomorrow Log, Audible, December 2013
Dragon in Exile, Audible, June 2015
Alliance of Equals, Audible, July 2016

Foreign Language Reprints
Conflict of Honors, Partners in Necessity, Plan B, I Dare, The Tomorrow Log, Balance of Trade, Crystal Soldier, Crystal Dragon, AST, Russia

Agent of Change, Conflict of Honors, Carpe Diem, MAG Publishing, Poland

Agent of Change, Conflict of Honors, Carpe Diem, Heyne Verlag, Germany

Plan B, I Dare, Atlantis Verlag, Germany


Updated May 23, 2016, SLee
Note: Short fiction list still incomplete