2015 Liaden Universe® and Other Releases

Coming up in 2015

Please note that this doesn’t include short fiction.

January 2015

Carousel Seas (Book Three in the Carousel series)
Trade paperback

Cover, Carousel Seas, by Sharon Lee Art by Eric L. Williams

— Art by Eric L. Williams

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June 2015

Dragon in Exile

--art by David Mattingly

–art by David Mattingly

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August 2015

A Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume 3
Trade paperback

Art by Stephen Hickman

Art by Stephen Hickman

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Also available as an ebook from |Baen eBooks|
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40 thoughts on “2015 Liaden Universe® and Other Releases

  1. Just reread each book and chap book (plus the two Constellations) out. Am getting ready for the next one! (Really I read the entirety of your books every year or two.) The only one I don’t own is the Web of the Trident. Don’t know how I missed that one. Glad to see three in the works for 2015. I am going to preorder as soon as they are listed with Amazon or if won’t be on Amazon, wherever. Thanks for all the enjoyment you have brought me over the years. I am a big steadfast fan. Also have given your books as gifts to encourage a larger fan base 😉 My nephews and nieces seem to enjoy them too.

  2. Will CAROUSEL SEAS be made available on iBooks, or in a Kindle version? My library mostly lives on my iPad now, due to small house/no wallspace. Both the previous CAROUSEL books came to me via iBooks and I’d like to keep the set together. Pretty please with chocolate and raspberries? I am a long-time fan!

    • Well, this isn’t a reply, but an “I’m with you!”
      I’ve been with Tree and Dragon since “Conflict of Honors” (don’t date my fan-ship from that book–I hustled around to catch up), But time has kept on passing, I’ve ended up in a two-bedroom apartment in what is called Independent Living–and I’ve been selling off my physical books and replacing them with e-books. I hear many people say they prefer physical books (and I agree that they’re great), but e-books have their own pluses: they don’t take up shelving space, their type face adjusts to aging eyesight, and you can carry around a 200-ish mini-library in a couple of ounces. Aint life grand!

  3. On the other hand, I want PRINT books, not eBooks…and you have so may I see in kindle format, will all these be coming in the constellation series?

    I love holding books!

    • Many of our Kindle format books are chapbooks from “teh old days” that have been converted from paper into electromnic format. A bunch od those stories are either currently in the Constellation series or will be when Liaden Universe Constellation 3 comes out this summer.

  4. Avid reader Fan..I have read everything so far..can’t wait till Dragons in exile comes…I have read thousands of books at over 400 pages an hour…I am sometimes starved for new stuff…I have read many of your books multiple times..Thank You

  5. Just finished reading Carousel Seas. Absolutely satisfying! I truly enjoy your books and am eager for the next Liaden novel in June. Thank you for your works.

  6. Iwas a fan of the first 3 Liaden books back in 1988 & the I lost you until 2006 & I’ve had a wonderful time catching up. Keep on writing & don’t forgetJethri’s series

  7. Thank you for fun, pleasure, & relaxation. I, too, read your books over & over again. Your universe is complex & enjoyable. It is usually late night reading as I cannot sleep well. Hopefully Dav is still alive although I guess redone by Dulcey & Uncle. Thank you for everything.

  8. re Janet Kagan wherever you are in the dedication to Dragon in Exile: Wikipedia lists that she died on February 29, 2008.

  9. any clue when Dragon in Exile will be available as an ebook? I love paper books, but after our house fire, I tend to buy digital copies of the ones I really, really love. (I do admit to haunting used bookstores, and have replaced many of my paper copies)

    Also, where can we find what stories are going to be in Constellations 3? have they been published elsewhere like the first 2?

    Thank you 🙂

    • Heck if I know.

      The system works like this:

      1. Author hands in manuscript
      2. Editor reads
      3. Editor issues/does not issue edit letter
      4. Writer fixes manuscript
      5. Editor/Publisher works out publication schedule for All the Books
      6. Eventually, after the schedule has been approved, Editor/Publisher lets author know when book will be published.

      …we’re barely at, like 1.25.

    • Claire — the most recent word from our publisher is that Dragon in Exile will be out in paper in June and Alliance in July.

      • YAY! So I only need to wait about 2 more months to find out what happens after Dragon in Exile!

        *has just finished a frantic read of Dragon in Exile ebook after a Kobo ebook purchase on the bus to work this morning. Was tipped off that there was a new Liaden book by a Ravelry forum post on another topic altogether.*

  10. I’m lost. Is there a book or short story that connects Theo’s adventures between Dragon Ship and Dragon in Exile? I only found the Liaden Universe around 2006 and I have so enjoyed my visits there!

    • Still working, over here.

      Also, yeah — so long to wait. We are not six — or even four — book a year writers. Never have been. Everybody has their own pace. Ours is apparently Slow As Molasses in High Winter.

      • Love the Laiden Universe. Thank you for your work. Thank you for increasing my appreciation of cats.
        By the way , slow is OK.
        My grandmother (born in the 1880’s in Glen Cove, Maine) said “slow as molasses in January”. Have you heard that version of the phrase? No answer expected.

        • Thank you for reading.

          We used to saw “Slow as molasses,” for General Issue Slowness. “Slow as molasses in January,” was reserved for Really Superlative Slowness.

          • Of course it’s “Slow as molasses in January”–I’m 83 years old, and only remember my parents (not grands) using the phrase. My father used to say “Queer as Dick’s hatband” (not meaning gay), and “Slippery as a hog on ice.” I”m always on the alert for “pie plant” as the name for rhubarb: my mother and her family (from upstate New York) used that expression, but I met someone from Wisconsin (I think) who knew about “pie plant.” Certainly you can trace speech patterns due west from upstate New York to Chicago and beyond. To continue tracing dead or dying speech: my paternal relatives spoke a dialect that is probably dead: Brooklyn-ese. They admired a singer with a beautiful “verse”, put “erl” in the car, “wrenched” the dishes (oddly enough, I saw that usage as part of a Texas dialect when I moved to Texas–but never heard it. I’m not fixin’ to, either.)

  11. Thank You for Dragon in Exile !!!!
    My library already had a copy, I will also buy one when its out in paperback I have far too large a collection for Hardcover.

    I already see its continuation Alliance of Equals (Liaden Universe Publication Order #19) but cannot find a publishing date ???

    At least constellation III should help me through the wait a little!!

    Thanks Again

  12. Well, you did it again. Lovely new Liadan book that forced me to reread the entire series AGAIN. What dramliza publishes your books to cause this phenomenon? It must be the same one that kept me from realizing a nice profit on the originals back when desperate readers were offering lots of lovely cash for them! I just sat there, clutching my paperback copies and saying “I can not sell My Precious”. Now I have all of them in three versions, old, new and e book. It is a sickness- fear of not having a reading copy when the compulsion to revisit hits. More, more.

  13. Any word on The Gathering Edge? Amazon already has my order for The Alliance of Equals (they’ve had it since last November).

  14. No new updates? Here it is, almost the end of 2016, and no news about what’s up in the Liaden Universe. Hope it’s just that time has passed you by without your realizing it, and not anything more disruptive.

    • Alas, life has been happening in a rush this last year; we had family in hospice, Steve in the hospital for a few days more recently, stuff and such. Thanks for asking and watching!

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