2014 Liaden Universe® and Other Releases

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Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume 2, Trade Paperback

--Art by Stephen Hickman

–Art by Stephen Hickman

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Carousel Sun (Book Two in the Carousel Series), Trade paperback

--Art by Eric Williams

–Art by Eric Williams

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necessity’s child, mass Market

--Art by David Mattingly

–Art by David Mattingly

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90 thoughts on “2014 Liaden Universe® and Other Releases

      • Writers finish books as fast as they are able and send them to the publishers. Publishers take their time getting them to the shelf or website ’cause they want you to sample their other offerings. Something else, what is going to happen to the tree at the end of “Dragon Ship”?

      • I, and perhaps others, would greatly appreciate a search system where I could enter a character’s name and retrieve the book titles that contain part or all of that characters story. Books that you have in the works that extend the story of that character would also be greatly appreciated. I have purchased all your Liaden Universal books to date, but can’t always locate the books I wish to reread following a character. Your work as authors is loved and cherished. Thanks.

    • Books take time. We’re working on a five book contract — as time permits, the books will come. The most recent novel came out barely two months ago!

      • What have you done for us since yesterday ?, author workload ?, crafting fine novels takes time ?, were you thinking Liaden fans are blessed with patience or were fair or rational while waiting for new treats.

        • This is why I read Sharon’s blog: to remind myself that authors have to do things like go to the dentist and fill out tax forms and pet cats, just like the rest of us.

          And then to counter that dose of reality, I have to go re-read one of the books. Or check the splinter universe that Steve and Sharon have created for us. Or check out books that I know the two of them are reading (because they’re on their reading list) based on the idea that if they like what this person writes, and I like what the two of them write, there’s bound to be some overlap.

      • Take your time, Steve Miller and Sharon Lee. I would rather have a good book that took a little longer to be ready, than one that was rushed and left loopholes and dangling ends. I’m just glad to know that eventually, we will find out about Daav yos’Phelium and Aelliana Caylon (two of my favorite characters). And, thanks for sharing your world with us.

      • I read the Tomorrow Log and liked it very much! The endpaper of the paperback teased about a Trident book. I really liked the artifact idea in the Tomorrow Log, but I haven’t seen anything yet about the next book. Any idea when you’ll get to it?

  1. I am a fan, but I was startled and delighted to discover another whisker collector in Steve. Is there any group for collectors to your knowledge? Or indeed, the morality and ethical collection of feline whiskers? If you are able ( or willing) to provide any information on this vital subject…I would be grateful for a response.

    Last, I checked there are NO faerie at the bottom of my garden.

    • I, too, am a long time collector of cat whiskers. Maybe there should be a convention or a conference on the care and catalogging of whiskers. As for Korval, I am trying to decide if I should stop at Ghost Ship until the next in that arc is out. I dislike long waits for cliffhanger resolution.

      • I’m not sure which next you aren’t reading yet? Do you have Dragon Ship? Have you seen Necessity’s Child? Trade Secret is part of an earlier thread — have you read it yet? And have you you seen the collected stories in our Constellation collections?

        • Hi Steve and Sharon:
          I’ve enjoyed your books I really can’t wait for the next one but I know everything takes time, especially if you want it done right. Love the characters they’re interesting and become very alive in the books. Thank you
          best regards,

    • OY! I would never have guessed anyone collected cat whiskers but me. Some time ago I was given a fancy lipstick case which I never used. For some necessity I cannot identify I began saving my cats’ whiskers in it. It delights me to no end to know there are others. Meow!

    • Holy whiskers! I have noticed also that my cat Kaylee, leaves whiskers for me most often. However, I seem to be the one to find the whiskers of all the cats. It’s very curious to me. Part of the sweet mystery that are cats. I guess. I don’t exactly collect them, but I do make a note of when I found them.
      Best to you.

  2. Everything was fine until three cliffhangers, 1) What happened to Contra yos’Phelium’s original ship recovered at the end of “Dragon Ship”,2) How will the Bedel be assimulated into Surebleak’s populace, 3)When will we get more on Jethri Gobelyn’s adventures. I like the idea of expanding on the different facets of Liaden life. We have read about scouting, piloting, and building infrastructure. Is a book in the works which gives insight into building ships, setbacks to the Department of Interior’s plans? I was extreemly happy to learn you are contracted for a minimum of five more books. I kknow you will probably write more because your muse and alter ego w ill not leave you alone until you tell the stories they have in the works .
    You might have to put the bare bones in a short story to be fleshed out later.

    • Thomas Ingram, I’ll try this again.

      To begin with, all unresolved story lines are not cliffhangers. Calling them that & telling people that we’ve got a lot of cliffhangers just muddies the waters for yourself and for other readers. A cliffhanger is when main line “onscreen” dire, threatening, or pressing story action stops in the middle without resolution. In the old days that would include the tied-to-the-lumber-in front-of-the-saw scene, the very-short-fuse-on-the-dynamite-scene, and the hanging-from-one hand-from-the-weakeneing-blueberry-bush-roots-over-the-abyss-while-the-flood-rages-below scene.

      In particular the Jethri continuation is NOT a cliff hanger; it is something you want. Trade Secret took Jethri to another part of his life. The Bedel question from Necessity’s Child is also not a cliffhanger — it is a possible thread to be explored, but as the book ends there is resolution and there’s not immediate danger. Glad you want to know more, yes, but it isn’t a cliffhanger. In fact the arrival of the ship is an event — but it presents no immediate threat or menace and reinforces the idea that the location Bechimo has been pleased to use as a haven is more active in a weird way than anyone had expected.

  3. I’m so wanting to know the story of Aelliana Caylon’s daughter. I’m worried about her since her father was such a bad guy. Any chance she could be rescued by Korval?

    • Aelliana’s daughter was not, by Liaden tradition, her concern — she belonged to the house she was born into. We have so many other people in peril at this point that I’m fairly sure that’s a story we’ll not see as a freestanding story.

      • So, dear Steve, you “have so many other people in peril at this point”, but you have no cliffhangers?

        Did you ever ask your many people in peril about that?

        (Sorry, couldn’t resist:)


  4. I have just finished re-reading Constellation 2. I say re-reading because I already owned all the stories in chapbook, but decided to get the single volume (both paper and ebook) for completeness. Also just finished the new Jethri book, and it’s obvious that that boy’s tale isn’t done yet. Trade Secret meets my criteria for a good addition to a series — having completed it, I had to go back and re-read Balance of Trade. If I must go back and re-read one or more earlier books because I’m not ready to let go, then it’s a good addition. I did come across one item which might make for a short tale — the story of the argument about the dramliz in which Korval herself led the discussion in favor, and those who settled Irikwae were against the dramliz. I and my husband are both long-time Liaden readers — we have the original paperbacks. We rejoiced at the word of the five book contract and will be looking forward to every one of them! (Though I admit I really want to see what happens with Daav and Aelliana!)

  5. Hi Steve,

    I wouldn’t call them cliffhangers either but you have left some folks hanging for a long time! Especially Daav and Aelliana. This is the most intriguing to me as Daav has always been a fovorite. What will it be like for them having separate bodies? What about Korval’s DNA, do the new bodies have to be inoculated with Korval in order for the people in them to roil the Luck? I can’t wait to explain this to Theo’s Mom! Daav will be younger than Val Con, does that put him back in line to be Delm? Will he and Aelliana have children?

    Then there is the Theo/Bechimo bonding. Is she really Supergirl now? Not to mention Cantra”s ship and the Tree. I wondered about other trees since Miri’s Clan had one. There are likely other with clans closely aligned with Korval. I also want to see the new machine personalities develop. Already like the Admiral and wonder if after Jeeves visits he will have a larger role to play?

    How is the economy and climate on Surebleak developing? Will the place get gentrified or will everyone always carry a gun?

    Then, we need a new bad guy. The DOI is getting old and needs to be wrapped up but if Cantra’s ship can make it through space time intact cannot other enemies appear?

    We, out here in the Universe, need answers! A five book contract? Pshaw! It will take more than that. Please watch your health and take care of Sharon. And get back to work! :-)

    • I just love fallowing the different threads that make up clan korval. don’t care about the “bad guys” I care about the people. I’m actualy looking forward to finding out how theo’s mom interacts with the strange world of clan korval.

    • “Then, we need a new bad guy. The DOI is getting old and needs to be wrapped up”

      SPECULATION ALERT: Remember the scene where the new Commander-of-Agents goes into a room and begins to scream? I would suspect that we will eventually learn that the DOI is a creation of one of the other (less sane?) AI admirals. So a Jeeves/Bechimo/Korval/allies vs DOI AI confrontation could take an entire book. Korval, Jeeves and Bechimo build networks and acquire allies. DOI creates slaves. DOI will eventually lose because of this, but a lot of confrontation could take place before the defeat.

  6. You guys are great! Thanks so much for the Liaden universe that you have created to share with us. And yes, I am eagerly awaiting the next book in the series – 5 more books YEAH. Can’t wait to see where the story takes us.

  7. I just need to tell you both how much you’ve enriched my life with your fascinating characters in a novel and interesting universe. My eyes are bad, so it is a challenge to read your chapbooks, but I persist. I am always grateful for the audiobooks, however, and would love for your publishers to record the two Liaden Universe collections, although I know that is probably a pipe dream. I also love your descriptions of how the two of you work together. I sometimes wish the authors of some books had me to give them serious feedback; there are so many almost books out there that if the author was pushed just a little harder would go from good to great. I never feel that way when I read your books. They are just extremely satisfying. So a huge thanks from this fan.

    • Most of the chapbook material is available online and can be enlarged. I bought the Unibus and will also buy Constellation if it turns out to have stuff that isn’t in the Unibus. Baen Books is very reader-friendly in their font size control.

  8. I have just bought and re-read all the books that are in print. Thank you so much for this series of books and also all the short stories (I do not have a kindle), some of them I have yet to find. I love your characters and stories and I am looking forward to the next 5. A wonderful world to spend time in.

  9. I own all your books, hardcopy (original) and ebooks. I love them, reread them every so often, and really look forward to the continuing saga of Daav and Aelliana, Miri and Val Con, and the continuing of Theo’s story. Can’t wait for the sequel to “Dragon Ship” Hope it is soon.
    Thank you for great entertainment!!! Lee Goodrich

  10. Who will the other 5 books feature? Do you have titles yet? possible finish times? are all 5 books due this year or over an expanded period of time?

  11. I am wanting to replace my copy of I Dare. It was destroyed in a car wreck, I wanted to get it for my Kindel. Do you know if it will be available in the near future. Thankyou for giving us this wonderful Universe.

  12. I would like to know more about Luken’s line. There was talk of him having a daughter long before Pat Rin. But when they talk about collecting all of Korval during Plan B, only Luken was mentioned in the bel’Tarda sub-line. Is he the last of his line?

    • Just reread Local Custom and it is clear that there was a daughter older than Pat Rin. Luken says that another child would be no trouble since the eldest was off at school. This would be the expected or implied child that would come to Korval as Luken was to fill in for Er Thom after he rejected Syntebra Clan Nexon and Life Mated with Anne. She would have been about 7 years younger than Pat Rin. I thought about using Ancestry.com but maybe Steve and Sharon would have more info?

      • And by my understanding of Liaden custom, both Luken’s other children should have heirs by the time of Plan B, since the older is older that Pat Rin, and the younger should be between Shan and Nova. Of course, I also wonder about what happened to Luken’s parent, and grandparent, for that matter.

  13. I have purchased all you books for the kindle fromm Amazon except Balance of Trade and the second Constellation book. When will they be available through Amazon? I realize I can purchase at Baen but then I can’t sort/classify them in the Amazon cloud like I can a purchase from Amazon.

  14. Do You have a compete list of Liaden books. I have quite a few and have both Constellations. I’d like to know what’s missing. A time line would be good, I read something and I knew nothing about it. Missed a story somewhere.

  15. I could add to the chorus of folks anxious to see more of their favorite characters. For example, I hope to someday see satisfactory resolution of certain unresolved story-lines (e.g. Jethri’s) as well as certain open questions in those story lines (e.g. his relationship with the twins, and one twin in particular). I also confess to lots of angst over Theo’s mom and am pleased that will get resolved. Funny that, since I was not sure I would like the Theo story line (I do).

    In any case, I just wanted to pay you a compliment that is not book-specific.

    I have 4 jobs. I am a full-time federal trial attorney and an Army reservist. I teach at a law school, and I write legal books. I also have 4 young kids at home. My time is (obviously) busy. My escape to sci-fi is my one spot of “me-time” each day. Here is the compliment: I read, on average, about 300-350 books a year. After discovering the Liaden universe at my library, I was so interested/drawn-in that I immediately abandoned my investment in the Nook (on which I already had over a hundred books) and switched to the Kindle. I made this switch PURELY because Amazon was doing a better job of getting these Liaden books into my hands in e-format. 14 months along, I now have all of your ebooks and I am totally happy with my decision. You both repay my investment with each new book. Please keep up the good work.


    • Troy — thanks for your note. I do wonder if that means you have all the ebooks since some of the chapbooks have yet to make it into Baen and are only available as Pinbeam books.

  16. Happy to see more books are coming. I try to be patient. I was wondering, is that 5 full books after Necessity’s Child? If it is, you’all sure gonna be busy for a while. (and so am I) :-) Glad it’s keeping you in eating money!

  17. I want to thank you guys for these wonderful books.

    I let it be know that Liad books are my go-to books when I have a down day.

    I especially love it when universal ‘truths’ get into the books. [Shan & Theo discussing Mom-wisdome: “I think that there is a subscription service.”]

  18. I bought Conflict of Honors When it first appeared as a paperback and have followed the trials and tribulations of Clan Korval ever since. I had the great pleasure of meeting Sharon and Steve at a convention and was able to thank them in person for all their wonderful work. Please don’t jog their elbow; they have a great work ethic and should have freedom to create fully. I would rather wait while they get it right as they have rather than hurry them….wouldn’t you?

  19. Thank you for all your work. I’m a fan since the first Conflict of Honors paperback and I reread the books every summer. I eagerly await future books.

  20. Why are people sure it will be Daav and Aelliana who are rebirthed? I spent quite a while wondering (deliciously) if it would be Aelliana or Jen Sar in the second rebirthing unit. Obviously the genetlic material in Daav would be all Korval, so where would the genetic base for Aelliana come from? Poor Kamele, I sigh for her.

    • Daav/Jen Sar, Aelliana and Kamele? I favor the solution obtained by Honor Harrington: she married her lover and his wife – Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. And, while Daav/Jen Sar and Aelliana are off piloting, Kamele, Professor of the History of Education, can put together an educational system for Surebleak. When Theo returns, Kamele would have the position of Superintendent of Public Instruction. Or, in the terminology of Surebleak, she’d be Boss Waitley.
      Of course, science-fiction is speculative and it’s so fun to speculate in the Laiden Universe.

  21. Very pleased that you are working on 5 more books, I can’t wait for the next one!
    Really loved all the short stories too – Daughter of Dragons explained so much about Kareen, she seems a more real person now. Shame she went for spite, though.
    Love all the books, more soon please.

  22. Hello: Avid fan here. I’ve been thinking about the scouts who are in charge of the nursery. Those are very expensive babysitters but they have extreme skills to protect and teach the children. I wonder how it became the usual to have a scout in that position. Since many of Korval have been scouts it wouldn’t be unreasonable to give the job to a friend/colleague who may be past the time of being an active scout. Korval would want the children to have the broadest opportunities and to see that there are other ways of thinking and being that are not bound to the code. On another topic, I look forward to the next installment in the story of Theo. I foresee many complications if Uncle has given new bodies to both Aelliana and Daav, especially when they are returned to Surebleak with Kamele in residence. Last topic: if you didn’t get nominated for Hugo this year “You was robbed!” There are very few series I enjoy as much as your Liaden books.

  23. Who is Luken bel’Tarda heir? Local Custom mention a daughter and a possible contract marrage to the woman Petrela wanted for Er Thom.

    • I’m with Jerell. This is a a very large, silently hanging thread on the tapestry of bel’arda.

      The question of where are the rest of clan Koval (line bel’Tarda) has been tripping me up since at least “Plan B”. It seemed to me that at least one, if not two pictures, were missing from Pat Rin’s collection — even if Luken’s eldest and heir was off planet by the time Pat Rin was fostered and therefore wasn’t a close attachment, there should have been a younger foster sibling from the contract marriage to which a young Pat Rin might have become devoted…(– Luken had let Daav’s know that he would welcome another child in his home when he stepped forward as a replacement)

      As I read ‘Dragon Ship’ and ‘Necessity’s Child’, I kept looking for some mention of a bel’Tarda heir as a trader on another Korval ship, or some sad reference to Luken’s birth child or children having been lost in some accident or mishap which in hindsight might have been due to the DOI.

      So, to our our authors, while we hear you that you feel that you have quite a large enough collection of interesting characters in peril, we request that you weave in the thread or reflect, if you will, on the story opportunities offered the perspective of a more distant family member, far from Liad during Plan B, might provide……or the view from anywhere else Luken’s offspring might be or have been.

      I’m sure that we’d find it fascinating….

  24. Just… thanks ! Have only recently discovered the Liaden universe – and have since devoured them all from the first to the last (so far).
    Tremendously enjoyable, very easy reading.
    so.. thanks!

  25. I discovered your novels quite by “luck”. I have read all the ones I have at least twice and wait with baited breath for the one that continues Win Ton and Theo’s story after Dragon ship. Also to find out what became of Daav and Aelliana. I am going to start collecting the short stories now as I gather from reading in the thoughts here that I may have some questions answered in them.
    Oh, and I just love the inclusion of cats, being a long time fan of them. My current two are Lucky and Gizzy. They share their home with a long haired chihuahua and, of course, me.
    Thank you for giving us such wonderful stories.

  26. Two genetic Daav bodies one occupied by Daav one by Ailiana? (I’m sure Uncle could adjust the sex without making it incompatible to the spirit -maybe either/both in control of both bodies… lots of speculating possibilities)

  27. I’ve been reading and re reading most if not all your novels about Liad and its history. I love the character definitions or the genetic development of the various key players or key families. The last couple of novel about Koval you have introduced at least two AI’s (Jeeves & Bachimo) that have become key players. Then you resurrected Spiral Dance and the possibility that the Iloheen/Shericka that modified the ship might follow it to their new universe.

    I cannot wait to see where you go from there.

  28. Thank you for the stories. I just wonder how Daav reconciles to himself the difference in his reaction to Ann/Shan vs Kamele/Theo.

  29. I have just finished reading Dragon Ship for the umpteenth time and am wondering when the next book follow Dragon Ship might be out. Thinking of Korval’s tree and its ability to do genetic modifications, might the tree on Spiral Dance be able to help Win Ton get his pilot reflexes back? I have all of the books and most of the chapbooks and have enjoyed reading and re-reading them greatly over the years. My son is also a devotee. Many thanks for the enjoyable hours of pleasure.

  30. Is there any way I can be alerted when a new Liaden Book comes out? I am 60 years old and have been a Sci-fi/fantasy lover from the time I could read. I still remember my first book in which a boy stowed away on a space station. I was in the 3rd grade and we hadn’t even gone to the moon yet! I have read everything you have written on Liaden so far. But I am dying to know what happened to Daav and Ailiana. I really love your series,.

  31. Having re-read “I Dare” recently. I’m still puzzled by “who” is Clonak ter’Meulen’s heir? I’m getting the impression it was a spaceship but that doesn’t seem right. Can anyone help clarify?

    • Riaska ter’Meulen, who was the scout in “Plan B” who greeted Miri and Val Con when they arrived on Lytaxin, and who died in the initial invasion (this point might be easy to miss, since you see her death from the Yxtrang point of view).
      –Christina Noel

  32. I figure you’re probably tired of people asking when a sequel to Dragonship will be released, so I’ll ask something else 😉

    First, how many clans are following Korval to Surebleak?

    Second, I vaguely recall something about the master stamps for Cantra being owned by Clan Korval, so Liad’s minting operations are about to be disrupted, and it got me to thinking, just how bad is Korval’s move going to effect Liad? The closing of all those shipyards alone is going to cause a major disruption. And when you throw in Korval’s other operations, and the businesses that depended on the employee’s of Korval…

  33. I really logged on to try to find out when the next book in the series might be coming out. I’m not particularly regular about checking e-mail but I would appreciate being on a ‘new book’ information list for Lee&Martin Laiden Universe books. I already have all of the current books.
    My guess (about Daav & Allianna) is that their personas are in the tree and will never be re-incorporated into a human physical body. (It’s very tender & moving, actually.) However, a tree’s seeds can sometimes include some very interesting characteristics and the tree, itself, can project a kind of psychic aura . Who can predict what can be done now? Perhaps join in the ship’s persona? Now that Theo’s awareness is enlarged, to make a direct psychic connection to her? There are a lot of possibilities here.
    I’m now quickly approaching 80 and hope that I’ll be around to read the results. Best of luck and inspiration to the Authors!

  34. Katherine,

    Clonak’s heir was the middle-aged woman who greeted Daav and Miri at the landing field when they came to meet Miri’s family for the first time. She died when the Xtrang attacked by atempting to meet the attack with the one fighter left that worked. The Xtrang blew her away. Nelerik watched it happen from the Command center.

  35. I’ve been reading back through the Liaden short stories to try to get my fix while I’m waiting for you to do all the writing and polishing needed to get your next excellent book finished (and don’t hurry on my account… I’d rather have an excellent book a little slower than a mediocre book quicker!)

    Anyway, I had a question about Lord of the Dance. It doesn’t look like it fits into current time line because the following three things don’t seem to go together.
    1) Miri is a “new-birthed mother,” which places it somewhere in early Dragon Ship (unless it’s a second kid).
    2) Daav is there, which places it somewhere in mid Ghost Ship or at some hopeful point in the future of the series :)
    3) Kareen has not met Audrey, which seems to leave out the future of the series, as I can’t see them managing to avoid each other all the way through Dragon Ship and Necessity’s Child, even if they didn’t meet at Korval’s party in Ghost Ship.

    Now, I am *not* a professional writer, but I do still understand that sometimes things that you thought were going to work end up morphing into something else by the time you get done. I was just wondering where you were now envisioning this story falling in the timeline, regardless of who should or shouldn’t be in the room. Or is this story now just AU?


    P.S. Feel free to ignore this question if it gives away plot points of future books… I’d rather be surprised!

  36. love the Korval Collection and Tomorrow Log. Please take care of yourselves and don’t die. No one but you all can possibly figure out what comes next. Thanks for lighting up so many lives

  37. “Alas, I doubt that I have met him, though it would surely be an honor. It is merely the name – quite an old name – which caught my ear.” Cho sig’Radia in Fledgeling

    “Theo’s father had been Liaden, his name ancient, and undoubtedly not his own. He recalled it! In a moment, he felt that he would have even the name—Kiladi. Yes. A joke there. Very nearly a Scout’s joke. But Kiladi, for all it had been Liaden before its dissolution, was no blood-line belonging to Clan Korval.” Win Ton in Dragon Ship

    What is the joke – did I miss something?

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